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Shizen charcoal soap

I know of some people who have used the same skin care products for decades, but not me. Considering the slew of new inventions and technologies in beauty,it would be a disservice to yourself not to try the array of offerings now flooding the market. It is always worthwhile to discover something new each time (and thankfully, my face hasn’t experienced breakouts from being too adventurous).

For the past few months, I’ve been using this manuka honey soap I bought at a stall in the mall.Love the fact that it smells great and is made from all-natural ingredients.

However, I also received in the mail recently the Shizen Charcoal Soap. I’ve started using this ever since I read about how the charcoal ingredient aids in detoxifying the skin. It is known to absorb from within and draw out dirt and oil which block the pores.This is deemed ideal for those with acne problems but even someone like me who hardly gets pimple attacks hopes to benefit from the cleaning action that ‘activated’ charcoal does.

Aside from clearing out skin impurities, Shizen Charcoal Soap contains the following sought-after ingredients: papaya extract, L-glutathione, virgin coconut oil and Niacinamide which does not only have anti-aging properties but is effective in treating acne and whitening the skin as well.

Shizen is exclusively distributed by One Lighting Corporation and here’s also a briefer on the other products they’ve sent us:

Lemeilluer Micro Diamond Scrub

LE MEILLEUR Micro Diamond Scrub claims to purify the skin with its spherical, wax-based exfoliators called Cirabelle beads. If you feel that your skin needs TLC because of lack of cleansing and the effects of pollution in the environment, then using Le Meilleur is recommended. It is made up of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Retinol and papaya extract.

One Juice Green Tea

One Juice Green Tea is a healthy drink that fitness-conscious people should love. It contains L-Carnitine which promotes faster metabolism and garcinia cambogia, a fat blocker and appetite suppressant. Green tea, of course, is known as an anti-oxidant and reduces the risk of cancer.

Other drinks available from One Lightning are One Juice Guava Tea and One Juice Guyabano.

For more information, call the hotline at +632 226 4111

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  1. SHERYL L. LATAG says:

    been reading a lot of good feedbacks using charcoal soap, some testimony even proved it! that’s one of the reason why i am so intrigued to try it….. i just need to choose which brand and which is affordable…..

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