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Bestselling fiber drink supplement Metamucil is now in the Philippines! It comes in this tube-like 283g container and the drink itself is so flavorful as it is easy to prepare.

I’ve started on the Metamucil habit and I really like gulping on this at the moment. It’s not like the other psyllium fiber drinks I tried which forms like a heavy clunk of gelatin on the glass. Am glad I can take this now and not have to worry about missing out on important nutrients to take care of my digestion.

Metamucil ( a product of Procter & Gamble) chose Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan as the brand’s endorser and we think there couldn’t be a better person for the role.

Metamucil launch

It was refreshing and enlightening to get to know Maricel for a bit over lunch. The mother of five, actress, host and triathlete confessed that she used to eat a lot of meat and junk food in her younger years, something which made her suffer in the end. A major surgery triggered by her dietary choices compelled her to turn around her lifestyle to the healthy thing it is now. She got into a lot of sports and she’s also been a full vegetarian for 15 years.

“I switched to healthy living because I have dreams for myself and for my family,” Maricel said. There’s nothing complicated about her tips at all, but what it takes is discipline: “Sleep well, hydrate, be positive, get some sun, keep fit…”

“When you think of wellness, it’s a lot of factors really.”

According to Maricel, fiber is a good thing but you have to take it with lots of water. We still don’t know the reason for this but hey, Metamucil tastes so good we’re not complaining. It comes in Orange Smooth & Wild Berry flavors. All one has to do is to put 1 1/2 teaspoons of the mix in a 250 ml glass of water, and the trick is to drink it as soon as it’s prepared.

Metamucil is recommended for people who find it hard to comply with the required 20 to 25 grams of dietary fiber we have to ingest everyday (yes, not everyone likes eating oatmeal, Brussel sprouts & asparagus).

The ready-made fiber drink is made from 100% natural psyllium fiber which is taken from the husk of the plant Plantago Ovata. Psyllium brings these major health benefits: promote digestive health, lower the level of cholesterol in the body, help maintain a healthy blood sugar level and help one feel less hungry between meals.

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