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We have a malunggay tree in our backyard and the household help must think I sound like a broken record because I always tell her to pluck some of the moringa leaves for mixing into some of our everyday dishes: chicken tinola, for instance, or even for making into pesto.

Am a believer that anything natural and green is good for you. Boosting my belief is the preponderance of research studies these days on the many benefits of a plant-based diet.

Anyhow, there’s an interesting study on the positive effects of malunggay or moringa intake in lessening the debilitating effects of diabetes, and it’s worth taking a look.

In late 2014, physicians at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) – Ospital
ng Maynila Medical Center (OMMC)’s Department of Internal Medicine and
Intensive Care Unit embarked on a landmark study presenting the potential use of
malunggay as a natural alternative to standard preparations used for lowering and
regulating blood sugar.

To ensure that the malunggay in the study was administered in standardized doses, the research team opted to use Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsules, a leading brand, as it featured the purest form of the herb in a medium that could be taken conveniently.

According to Doctors Rainier Nery Mozo and Imelda Caole-Ang, an extract derived
from malunggay was instrumental in reducing Hemoglobin A1c, a key indicator in
the level of blood glucose, in a control group of 60 patients at the OMMC. The study showed a mean reduction of 0.6% in the blood glucose of involved patients after regular dosage of malunggay capsules.

Malunggay also played a role in the reduction of what is known as C-reactive protein (hsCRP), the presence of which in the body is an indication of inflammatory conditions of the internal organs such as diabetes.

In Mozo and Caole-Ang’s control group, the levels of hsCRP in patients’ bloodstreams went down by 50% by the end of the study.

Mozo and Caole-Ang’s study further states that malunggay consumption improves
glucose metabolism and decreases insulin resistance, enabling diabetics to lead
healthier lives.

While studies regarding additional benefits of malunggay for diabetic patients
continue, experts are already recommending that the vegetable become part of a
patient’s daily regimen. And in our book, convenient options like Atienza Naturale Malunggay Capsules make us healthy, fit and strong…like Kuya Kim!

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