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Our dear OFWs are this country’s unsung heroes, all right. Aside from pumping up the economy, just imagine the strength they have to endure to deal with personal issues. Of primary concern is the money they send to their families. How do OFWs make sure that their precious $$$ land in good hands and are spent for what it’s really intended for?

Puregold PurePadala

Thankfully, supermarket giant Puregold has introduced this unique remittance service called PurePadala. For example, if an OFW sends P10,000 to open a sari-sari store business back home, the recipient just has to show the remittance confirmation text to the Puregold cashier and everything’s fixed. The family will receive the corresponding amount of goodies to launch the store or buy more groceries.

Here’s a video walk-through of what the Puregold PurePadala service is all about, headlined by Gary Valenciano no less. The remittance isn’t just good for paying grocery, it can also be used to settle tuition, housing loans, insurance and other important bills.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/puregold.shopping

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