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Using kitchen appliances in a smart way can make life easy for busy people who have no time to prepare and elaborately prep food. We certainly had fun watching chef patron Johnlu Koa – the genius behind The French Baker chain – do magic with ordinary ingredients in a hands-on cooking demo at SM Megamall recently.

The event called ‘Easy Food Treats with Chef Baker Johnlu Koa’ showed Mr. Koa whip up gourmet dishes using The French Baker baked products and Moulinex small kitchen appliances.

Chef Baker Johnlu Koa

There were six recipes featured in the cooking demonstration.The first one was Chicken Liver Pate which is best served on top of crostinis or toasted French bread. Chef Koa processed the chicken liver into a smooth and delightful pate using Moulinex Food Processor, then he transformed a loaf of day-old French Baguette into crusty toasted bread slices with the help of a Moulinex Bread Toaster.

Cheese Quesadilla used the Moulinex Food Shredder for the even grating of the cheese and Krups Griddle to cruncnh up the French Baker tortilla wraps

His second recipe was Cheese Quesadilla, a yummy Mexican-inspired three-cheese appetizer that is crunchy on the outside but gooey on the inside. Mr. Koa made several variations using The French Baker’s Tortilla Wraps in Flour, Whole Wheat, Tomato Basil and Spinach flavor variants.

For even grating of the cheese, he used Moulinex Food Shredder; and to crunch up the tortilla wraps, he lightly grilled them on an energy-efficient Krups Griddle.

Third on the list was the recipe for Chorizo Pizza, which can be easily assembled with a French Baker Pizza Crust for a regular pizza and Tortilla Wraps for thin crust pizza. The Moulinex Food Shredder comes in handy again for even grating of the mozzarella cheese.

Up next was the Fresh Mushroom Cream Pasta which Chef Koa served with The French Baker’s Focaccia Pesto Garlic Slices lightly grilled on a Krups Panini Griddle.

There were two flavor-packed but light and healthy sandwiches lined up in the demo: the Grilled Panini Spanish Sardines Sandwich and Vegetarian Sandwich.

For the Spanish Sardines panini, he sliced The French Baker’s Panini Squares in half, spread pesto sauce on the bottom half then topped it with fresh basil leaves, Spanish sardines and onion rings before covering it with the top half of the bread spread with a little mayonnaise. To add a crunchy finish to the sandwich, he pressed down the Krups Panini Griddle on the sandwich to lightly grill it.

For the vegetarian sandwich, Mr. Koa simply combined tomato and white cheese slices with fresh basil leaves and a little pesto sauce on The French Baker’s freshly baked Steak Roll.

Moulinex’s Slicer and the Krups Griddle made the sandwich preparation easier and faster to finish.

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