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The advent of the rainy season is a challenging time for us, moms. First of all, the activities we can do with our kids can be limited by the weather.

One can easily run out of things to do when classes are suspended for two days, for instance. Even worse is when there’s a power outage to go with storm signals being raised. But that’s another story.

During the rainy season, my philosophy is to be proactive rather than reactive. I easily imagine the worst possibilities. This is the reason why  I stock up on items in the medicine cabinet, keep up-to-date with my kids’ immunization schedules and see the family doctor for last-minute instructions. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure.

Here are my no-fail mommy tips on dealing with the wet & rainy weather in these islands:

1. Shop for the right things. The kids wear rain coats, rain boots and sturdy umbrellas as needed because they have to protect themselves from the elements.

2. Hike off to the mountains rather than the sea. The rains don’t have to mean the end of vacation time. During this season, we prefer savoring the hillside retreats of Tagaytay or Baguio because their climates are more ideal for staying indoors.
While admiring the view of pine trees and mountains, I am able to teach my kids more of the beauty of nature and how to protect the environment.


3. Get creative with indoor activities. The rains mean less time in the great outdoors but this doesn’t mean the end of the fun. There’s more to the staying in the house than playing the iPad or watching TV. For example, I get a kick out of baking with my five year old daughter Lucia. She’s gets amazed when the dough we shaped turns into a yummy, edible creation!

There are other artistic things to do like paint eggs or make tie-dye shirts. Mommies can easily search for a wealth of information on how to do these on the internet.

Breeze Sige Sabado

4. Don’t forget the sporty activities. It’s a fact that kids get bored easily. One minute they’re focused in making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, the next minute they want to go somewhere else. When this happens, I take my daughter for a dip in the swimming pool. Those huge mall playrooms are also a safe bet with their abundance of toys, slides and romping equipment.

 5. Keep the phrase ‘superior protection’ like a mantra in your head.  Prevention is a prime concern because the rains bring forth an increase in diseases like colds, cough and diarrhea., especially when our kids are in close proximity with other people in malls and schools. 

I like to start by powering up my kids with Vitamin C and Zinc which are the basic
supplements in strengthening the immune system. Good hydration is important, along with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. These are the things that keep the whole family in tip-top, healthy condition this rainy season and beyond. 

You can also visit a mommy community I found online, http://heymom.com.ph/, to learn more about the importance of raising your kid’s immunity system in this weather.

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  1. michelle daria salazar says:

    i always make sure that my son has a complete and proper rain gear whenever going outside or going to school i dont want him to get soaked in the rain, giving him healthy ,nutritious foods and multivitamins will keep him from sickness. And much better na wag na lang lumabas ng bahay 🙂

  2. Almaira Casanguan says:

    When Rainy Days,The most important things for me to keep my kids and family safe is the water we drink and medicines,foods and emergency light.Since floods are everywhere,I also kept emergency numbers to call.

  3. Feng Manlapaz says:

    Aside from loads of vitamins. Pinapaliguan lagi lalo na kung galing sa labas para mapreskuhan at sumingaw yung init sa loob ng katawan at yung bacteria na minsan dala din ng ulan.

  4. Arra Odeza says:

    protect kids by providing them the necessary rain gears, give them healthy foods and give them Vitamin C to help protect from sickness like flu, cough and colds.

  5. Apz Abanto says:

    My thoughts on how to protect kids during the rainy season is to give them healthy foods for proper nutrition. Provide them with all the nutrients they need to strengthen their immune system.

  6. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says:

    Daily Vitamin C will help increase their immunity to illnesses. During the rainy season, we always bring an umbrella with us. We actually also lessen the times we go out during this season and just enjoy family time at home!

  7. Mina says:

    I always give my son his daily dose of Vitamin C for strong immunity. I don’t have to worry about him getting sick during rainy season.

  8. Crisly Alcalde says:

    Provide a Lots of fresh fruits,veggies and vitamins.Always wash my kids hands before give them food and give a calamansi fresh juice (vitamin C) everyday. 🙂

  9. Danica Calpito says:

    i always gave my son healthy foods like veggies and fruits and vitamins suppliments to secure his health so that when rainy season come i will be confident that he will be fine. Of course we don’t go out in the rain without umbrella, cap, and jacket ??

  10. Ashley Madison says:

    Hello sis Analyn! Thanks sa pag share, sobrang naka relate ako dito. Yung anak ko kasi si grace gustong-gusto mag laro sa labas kaso hindi ko pinapayagan kasi nag uulan lalo na nitong mga nakaraang buwan hanggang ngayon. Kaya ung ginawa ko pinapunta ko sa bahay ung mga pamangkin ko tas bumili kami ng play set (https://www.goods.ph/perfectly-amusing-and-educational-toy-simulation-supermarket-cash-register-7014.html), para may malalaro sila tuwing umuulan. Paminsan, nag mo-movie marathon naman kami, yung huling pinanood namin na movie ung minions. Thank you annalyn.

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