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SUSI is a vegan, gluten-free restaurant in Burgos Circle, BGC. I’ve eaten a couple of times here because it’s near the fitness studio am going to.Don’t get me wrong, am far from observing a plant-based diet but when you’ve just worked your butt off cycling intensively for 50 minutes, the least you’d want is waste it all away by eating a steak or a burger 🙂

So I retreat to SUSI when I want to punish my tummy and savor the quietness of the second floor where I sometimes work on the computer.



One time, I overheard a scene like this:

Pinay girl in mini skirt to her date: Would you like the chimichurri burger that’s made of beet? It’s also got some pico de gallo…

Foreigner: What I really want right now is a big BEEFY burger.

I had to suppress a chuckle.

The first time I ate at SUSI, I fell in love with their Carb-No-Nara (P425). This consists of fettuccine noodles (gluten-free, of course), potato mash, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and capers.

As you can see, the dish is just simple but very good.Enjoying this vegan carbonara made me realize I can live without meat, if only the devil didn’t tempt me with the easy availability of chicken, pork & beef.


The all-vegetable Shepherd’s Pie (P345) was another thing I liked. Enjoyed scraping the bottom of this dish that I didn’t anymore ‘dissect’ what it was made of. Probably lentils topped with mashed potato.

I accompanied this with Fleet Foxes (P195)- a smoothie made of mango, oranges, ginger, carrots and banana.


The next couple of visits, I ordered brunch at the resto which proved to be less enjoyable than their a la carte selections.

A brunch menu is offered from 9 am to 2 pm on weekends and this is what I had…

The Susi Breakfast Platter (P395) consisting of sausages made from mushroom & tofu, baked beans, ‘toast’, herbed potatoes, salad and tomatoes.


Verdict: A love-hate affair, especially with the sausage which was dry, lacking in flavor and had a very crumbly texture. Its twin brother was the toast, which tasted like cardboard. That’s right, only a true vegetarian/ vegan can possibly appreciate this stuff.

Their Filipino-themed brunch dish is called Jose Rizal (P375). Again, this had my non-favorite sausage or chorizo as the entree with the chickpea omelet as an interesting addition. The sauteed spinach and garlic rice that came with this platter were surprisingly good.


When in Susi, choose to be half-hungry but save room for dessert. They have cookies, cakes, tarts, and ice cream, to name a few.

Double chocolate muffin with lots of chunky chocolate bar on top.


Chocolate chip cookie (P70). And look at what’s written on the coffee cup: “Your life is frittered away by detail. Simplify. Simplify.”


The restaurant’s prices are definitely on the high side which will put off diners looking for value for their money.On second thought, the vegan market isn’t really developed in this buffet-eating city and the pricing is justified, if only to ensure that the business exists for the next year or so. Truth to tell, a lot of restos have a short life span in this expensive area.

Service is spotty as well. The morning shift tends to be friendlier. One evening, I was a visitor on both floors of the restaurant and they came short of kicking me out the door so early, even though it was just 30 minutes till closing. I wonder if the staff were working long hours in a cruelty-free restaurant. LOL.

And this is another review on Foursquare:



SUSI – Key to Sustainable Living
Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines
Tel. No. 833-7874

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