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I just arrived from a trip to Bangkok with the Happy Lifers and I was excited to see this nifty, classy-looking package on my bed.It was the fragranced body wash and soap from the Magical Spell variant of the new LUX Perfumed Bath collection!

Lux Magical Spell

I can’t tell you enough how nice smelling and enchanting this is. The scent was wafting through so beautifully even if I haven’t opened the package. Once unwrapped, I kept smelling the thing like a crazy kid. Oh my G, this is so addicting. Now I know what our beauty blogger friend Marj meant when she said she used to hoard this stuff all the way from Bangkok!

Lux Magical Spell

Now, the Philippines is ever so lucky that the Lux Perfumed Bath Collection has arrived in our shores. Lux Magical Spell is infused with the scent of black orchids and essential oils like juniper. On the other hand, there are also other variants like White Impress, Soft Touch and Love Forever. These are mysterious to me for now and I hope the Lux people send me a sample too, haha. Kidding aside, I can’t wait to check all the scents out in the supermarket. It looks like these will be my favorite scents this year, especially Magical Spell.

As a woman, scent is very important to me. We don’t just like to smell good to impress someone but to feel confident and infinitely better too. Now, am not really a perfume kind of girl because I like to smell natural, but I do believe in using excellent soaps and/or body washes. The Lux Perfumed Bath collection is the type that captivates because the wonderful smell lingers on even after you’ve showered and have gone through your first round of activities for the day. Can’t possibly say NO to smelling good!!!

Visit the houseoflux.com.ph now to get first dibs on promotions and find out more about how you can #BatheWithPerfume everyday.

The 100g bar soap sells for only P39 while 100ml of the fragranced body wash is only P55, while it’s P120 for a full 120 ml bottle. To know more about the product, visit the following sites: www.HouseofLux.com.ph/BatheWithPerfume, www.facebook.com/LUXPhilippines

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