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Converse Rubber Chucks

This was indeed a stormy weekend, a far cry from Manila’s abundance of sunshine the past few months. But being a believer that every cloud has a silver lining (and that this storm will soon be over), I deemed it perfect to take my newly-minted Converse Rubber Chucks from out of the box. You can never comfortably walk the rainy streets without these.


As part of Converse’s Fall Holiday 2015 Weatherized Collection, the Rubber Chucks are equipped with the right materials to keep one’s feet from getting wet.The highlight is the canvas-backed rubberized upper that’s designed to repel water.

I got mine in Gloom Green, but there are also other enticing colors like Converse Black and Casino Red. (Retail price: P3,350)


The gray Chucks exude coolness too. Guys would look good in them.


Socks are recommended to be worn with the sneaks, but the inner French terry lining will already keep one’s feet warm as it is.

Needless to say, I super like Converse’s new line of Rubber Chucks. When I wear these, am departing from my normal, more formal way of dressing and it feels great. Converse shoe designs are so classic and iconic that you can wear them regardless of age, weight and status.

Who knew that a jaded momma like me can still wear Chucks with aplomb? Lmao. I’d happily lend my teen daughters these but my shoe size is big & bigger! In the meantime, they should be happy to hope for Converse Chucks as a gift for Christmas 2015…why not?

Here’s my full OOTD:



And while we’re at this, remember to pair your hip & comfy pair of shoes with equally fashionable arm candy. Zalora lets you add up to your accessories with Silver Jewelry for Women. It’s an irresistible pairing that will win points wherever you go.

Visit www.converse.com.ph and www.facebook.com.ph/ConversePhilippines for more info about the latest #RubberChucks

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