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Coordinates for Life is a flagship education program initiated by Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines in partnership with Teach for the Philippines, a non-government organization.

Teacher Ohne Lopez with her students under the Coordinartes for Life Program

Launched in 2014, the program is a series of training modules for children and
young adults aimed at equipping them with the necessary life skills to deal with different situations. These include assertiveness, decision-making, empathy, anger management and dealing with peer pressure, among others.

The program also provides training support for parents, teachers and mentors through lectures and workshops so they can be better equipped to participate
more actively in the kidd’s holistic development.

“For the first year of our partnership with Teach for the Philippines, we focused our efforts on customizing the workshops and educational materials so that it applies to the Philippine context, since this was a program that was developed in Mexico and primarily implemented in Latin America,” said Juan Dominguez, Corporate Affairs Director for Coca-Cola FEMSA Asia Division.

After being rolled out to 15 public schools in Metro Manila in 2014,Coordinates for Life was received by 2,178 elementary students and 304 parents and teachers.

“We’ve had very promising results during our pilot year,” said Clarissa Delgado, CEO for Teach for the Philippines. Feedback from the parents and teachers show that some of the most disruptive and undisciplined students have exhibited positive improvements in their behavior and attitude in the first year after the implementation of the workshops. There has also been an improvement in the students’ performance in school and in their relationships with their family and peers.

Because of the positive outcome and feedback from the field, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines – a subsidiary of the the largest franchise bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world – will be investing another Php10 million over the next two years for the Coordinates for Life project. Two schools in Mindanao have also been added to the roster of program beneficiaries.

Note: taken from the official press release

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