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Hanging out in coffee shops all day can be detrimental to your wallet, that’s for sure. Just imagine how consuming espresso-laden concoctions can translate to money in one year. Perhaps it can already bring you to Europe or graduate school or even buy those investment trust funds 🙂

The wise ones would do better to invest in a nifty device like the all-new Nescafe Red Mug Machine. It’s introductory price of only P1,999 is just the equivalent of about 3 weeks of loading up on your favorite latte or Americano in the coffee shop.

This official photo from Nescafe –

Nescafe Red Mug launch

The Nescafe Red Mug was devised by no less than Nestle coffee experts in Switzerland.All you need to power up this machine is a pack of Nescafe Classic and Nestle Coffee Mate, no expensive capsules necessary.

The Red Mug machine lets users come up with classic coffee mixtures like latte, cappuccino, mocha and cafe americano right in their own home. This is made possible through a unique technology that creates foam and bring out coffee aroma and flavor to your daily must-drink.

I attended the Nescafe Red Mug launch at the Blue Leaf Pavilion last week and we got to know the four Nescafe Red Mug ambassadors who turned out to be certified coffeeholics as well. They are (from left): socialite slash interior designer Tessa Prieto-Valdes, marketing whiz Raymond Gutierrez, singer/actress Denise Laurel and artist-cum-restaurateur Bianca King.

Nescafe Red Mug launch

To illustrate how one can instantly become creative with the Nescafe Red Mug Machine, Denise wowed the audience with her Hug in a Mug Latte. This creation levels up the flavor of Nescafe + Coffee Mate with the addition of divine-tasting cookie butter.

Raymond, on the other hand, is a confessed night owl who depends on coffee for dear life to wake him up. He has his own recipe called the Vanilla Chilled Coffee where he infuses the traditional flavor of Nescafe plus Coffee Mate with brown sugar and vanilla extract. Just add ice cubes and voila! you’ve got a cold drink to wash down the sleepiness or hangover.

Bianca has her Double Chocolate Mocha which uses chocolates while Tessa trumpets the holiday spirit with her Christmas Cinnamon Cappuccino. “I love how the Nescafe Red Mug Machine makes me feel like a legit barista. It helps me make create fancy coffee which is unique and fancy like me!,” Tessa enthused.

Nescafe Red Mug Machine gets your gourmet coffee ready in two minutes. All we really have to do now is research for recipes to liven up our favorite drink. As we have learned from Denise, Raymond, Bianca and Tessa, putting in additional ingredients like chocolates, vanilla extract, cookie butter, cinnamon and even cinnamon bark can kick up the flavor of our favorite coffee to heights unforeseen.

The Nescafe Red Mug box is packaged with a transparent glass mug, 100 grams of Nescafe Classic and 250 grams of Nestle Coffee Mate. For more information, check out www.nescafe.com/ph

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