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Social media websites have become extremely popular. Users flock to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to take advantage of the instant communication and entertainment tools available to them. However, businesses that are active in social media can put the technology to use in a number of ways. Social media can enhance marketing efforts, increase customer service, help find employees, and elevate the overall exposure of the business. Just like the Mohonk Mountain House facebook page, every business can create their very own social following to increase the impact of several areas of operation.


Using social media for marketing has become something of a hot topic. Sharing photographs, promotion information, and other relevant things allows a company to inject itself directly into the digital lives of its followers. By staying in front of the eyes of consumers, businesses accomplish one general purpose of marketing. Plus, the relative low or no cost nature of sharing a status or update is extremely budget friendly for businesses. In short, social media can be the marketing enhancing gift that every company has been searching for when used correctly.

Customer Service

Because users can like, comment, and share status updates, businesses have the ability to offer some customer service through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Instantly interacting with customers to answer questions, address complaints, or offer advice are all tasks that can enhance a company. Simply being able to interact with consumers on such a grand and simple scale opens a lot of doors for businesses of any size.


The days of placing an ad in a newspaper to locate employees has long gone. Today’s technology has brought the job search to the internet. Since social media connects users like few tech products can, a simple status update can help drive more potential employees to a company. In short, finding qualified employees is easier than ever with the help of social media.

Elevate Exposure

Since many social media sites allow posts to be shared across users, the chances of a photo, update, or even a promotion being seen by more individuals is extremely likely. The growth a company can receive in organic, or unpaid, reach can increase exponentially with every status update. Therefore, social media can be the key to increasing the exposure of a company without costing a single dollar.

In the end, social media can enhance just about any business. By offering effective marketing options, expanded customer service possibilities, an effective way to find new employees, and elevating the exposure of the business, sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and more can be powerful allies for companies looking to make a big step forward. The instant access granted to users and potential customers can help transform just about every aspect of a company. In addition, the low costs associated with social media can present any number of attractive opportunities for companies look to make every dollar count. Social media helps companies get results.

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