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My friends from the hotel industry, notably those in sales & marketing, are all excited about the forthcoming first-ever Virtus Awards which happens on Nov. 25 at the New World Manila Bay Hotel. This is like their own version of the Oscars where guests will be dressing up formally and of course recognizing the cream of the crop who have ‘outperformed’ themselves in the past year.

Behind the awards is the Hotel Sales & Marketing Association (HSMA), a group of hospitality executives who seek to continuously professionalize the industry through training and networking events.


The Virtus Awards is HSMA’s pet project for 2015. More than a week ago, our group of bloggers met with two of HSMA’s stalwarts, Rose Ann Libongco and Christine Ann Ibarreta who apprised us on the rationale of the Virtus Awards.

HSMA Virtus Awards

“Hotel sales and marketing people fuel the continued growth and profitability of various hotels & resorts throughout the Philippines. They do this by working hard to map out plans and meet targets. It’s only fair that we recognize the best of them through the Virtus Awards which aims to set the tone for excellence in the industry,” Ms. Libongco said.

The various categories of the Virtus Awards are the following: Marketing Campaign of the Year, Outstanding Sales and Marketing Leader, Outstanding Sales & Marketing Manager, and Outstanding Sales and Marketing Associate.

In our lunch at the Yanagi Japanese restaurant, we were glad to meet some of the finalists for the awards.

The Midas Hotel and Casino is proud to be nominated to all the four awards categories, led by Director of Sales & Marketing Cielo Ortega-Reboredo and Associate PR & Brand Director Erwin Dona.

HSMA Virtus Awards

Janice Vicente, Director of Sales and Marketing of the Linden Suites, is equally proud of the fact that an all-Filipino hotel like the Linden will be competing with international chains in the Virtus Awards.

HSMA Virtus Awards

The go-getting team from Hotel H2O which we remember for its awesome aquarium rooms!

HSMA Virtus Awards

…..plus many others! Good luck to all the nominees and we can’t wait for the announcement of winners!


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