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It’s the peak of the Christmas shopping season. Wouldn’t you like to give the women in your life the gift of beautiful underarms? Who would think of armpits & underarms, right? But to the friendly people of global beauty brand Dove, it obviously matters. They say women do a lot of damage to their underarm skin by constantly resorting to plucking, shaving and waxing. And that is why it is all the more important to use a deodorant with skin caring and whitening benefits.

The new Dove Deo box – now available in leading supermarkets & retail stores- is just perfect for the holidays. At a little less than 100 hundred pesos, it makes for a delightful gift already…plus, there’s a handy striped tote bag to go with it! Prices are only P89 for the Dove Original roll-on and P95 for Dove Ultimate White and Dove Powder Soft.

Dove Deo poster

Dove Deo

Buyers also get the bonus of qualifying for their promo called Dove Deo Getaway for Two to the renowned luxurious beach destination Maldives. Get a chance to win by using the promo code found at the bottom of every Dove Deo Box you buy, then text DOVE DEOPROMOCODE to 2600. Who knows it could be you??!

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