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A few events are life-changing in my life as a blogger. Like that dinner I attended in November of last year by global derma company Galderma where I got to know more about skin aging and the field of beauty that I never really considered until then, and that’s the area of aesthetic treatments.

Well into my 40s, I’ve always considered it a bonus that my ancestors have bestowed me with good genes.But if I look younger than my age, it’s also because my lifestyle habits have really been boring, lol. I never smoked, only drink socially, exercise regularly and try to eat healthy when I can 🙂

Am low maintenance when it comes to skin care because I hardly go for facials. However, I hoard so much skin care products that I don’t know anymore where to start. Eye cream before going to bed is definitely a must, along with the time-honored cleanse, tone and moisturize mantra that dermatologists prescribe.

Skincare products

I’ve done my part taking care of my skin and people have always complimented me for it. But at the back of my mind, there’s this gnawing fear that I will soon grow folds under my eyes and have a wrinkly neck, to match the bevy of grandkids running behind me, hehe.

Anyway, during our dinner, Dr. Sidney Cu – an overseas trained cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist, enlightened us about how the process of skin aging takes place. He talked about the triangle of youth and how this triangle becomes inverted when a person grows old. During this time,the sagging, drying and lessened elasticity of the skin takes place.

triangle of youth

Dr. Cu said using skin care products can only rejuvenate skin from the surface. What’s really needed is to hydrate the skin FROM WITHIN.

At this point, Abelardo Yanuario – Aesthetic & Corrective Business Manager of Galderma Philippines – took the stand to introduce the premier products of Restylane. He said Restylane has a proven record of efficacy and safety with more than 20 million treatments carried in 70 countries and over 60 clinical studies conducted so far.

Restylane dinner

The Restylane Skin Boosters consist of stabilized hyaluronic molecules resembling the skin’s own hyaluronic acid which is the secret for making the skin look “plump, smooth and elastic.” It’s made up of soft, gel-like substances developed from a patented NASHA technology in Sweden to improve skin firmness and project radiance.

The Restylane Dermal Fillers, on the other hand, are made using the same patented NASHA technology. It’s mainly used for wrinkle treatment and enhancing facial volume.


Both the Skin Boosters and Fillers can be injected finely into a chosen area of skin to improve quality and give it a healthy glow. Some of these areas include the jawline, lips, nose, tear troughs, cheeks and the nasolabial folds.

During the dinner, Dr. Cu demonstrated how easy and fuss-free it was to perform a Restylane injection treatment on a patient. Carlo wanted a filler to enhance his features because he needs to be presentable for his job in marketing. Dr. Cu showed us how by putting an anesthetic cream then outlining Carlo’s face. I thought the injection was not to be feared because it was a micro-needle and the good doctor was really one of the most highly-trained, capable person around. I can’t believe it took less than 20 minutes for the whole procedure.

Restylane dinner

Carlo opened his eyes and was ready to face the world….yay!

Galderma dinner

Anyway, I attended the Galderma dinner because I was invited to try the Restylane treatments myself! Even though am proud NOT to have done anything to my face (and body!!) at this glorious middle stage in my life, I kept an open mind and told the hosts that I will attend the dinner so that I may be enlightened further and ask questions, if necessary.

Here was our souvenir photo. I was with other bloggers who were still in their 30s or middle to late 20s. Am the most senior and it was me who needed Restylane the most, LOL.

Restylane dinner

At the end of the night, I said Yes to the Restylane people but still with reservations in my mind. I had a few weeks to think about it before I set the appointment with Dr. Cu during the holiday season. It was a major decision for me and I asked the opinion of a lot of my friends who shared different opinions about the matter. Some said I shouldn’t, and the others exclaimed “why not?!”

Before I blog anew about the outcome of my decision, my general opinion was that Restylane treatments are completely safe and non-invasive. Otherwise, it will not have the distinction of having prominent actress Sharon Stone as the ambassador of its Proof in Real Life (#ProofIRL) campaign.

Do you want to be a new, different person in 2016, exuding natural beauty? Email info.restylane.ph@gmail.com for questions and where you can avail of safe and effective Restylane treatments.

Also check out http://www.proofirl.com/ph/ for more information

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