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I’ve found a favorite cheese recipe and it’s so easy to make! The dish is queso fundido which is the Mexican equivalent of the cheese fondue or cheese dip. I prepared this over the weekend while the girls and I were watching TV. It’s really a comfort dish on those lazy days and even when you’re having a party! Most of all, I love that queso fundido has all my favorite things: cheese, onions,tomatoes, peppers, chorizo and milk. This pairs well with plain tortilla chips though the pack of Tostitos I had in the pantry seemed okay too 🙂

Queso Fundido

To make the queso fundido, the food basket sent me over Christmas by the kind folks of the California Milk Advisory Board was a godsend.This is the second year I got the basket with a whole bunch of cheeses and I must say it never fails to thrill me each time 🙂

What was in the basket: a bunch of California grapes (guaranteed sweet!), Cabernet Sauvignon from Beringer of Napa Valley, and a variety of cheeses ranging from cheddar to Monterey jack and even string cheese.

California cheese

The good news is that a whole array of California cheeses is now available in the Philippines. Just look for the real California Milk seal in your friendly supermarket or retailer.

According to Ms. Reji Retugal-Onal of the California Milk Advisory Board representative office in Manila: “The climate of California and the specialized care given by farmers to their cows allow their milk to attain its premium quality. The cheeses were made from happy, pampered cows!”

And that makes us happy eaters as well! I can’t wait to make more dishes using California cheese that’s apart from the usual sandwich. Don’t worry, will share them here, dear readers. I actually got the queso fundido recipe from chef Aileen Anastacio’s column in Yummy Magazine December 2015. Here’s how to do it:

1. Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in pan.

2. Then add one piece chopped Marca El Rey chorizo (they usually have this in Landmark, Makati Supermarket and sometimes in SM. Otherwise, other kinds of chorizo will do)

3. Afterwards, put in 2 tablespoons each of sliced white onions and tomatoes. Saute until translucent. Add chilis (the long green one used in sinigang) and cook for 1 minute.

4. Add 1/2 cup milk and simmer. Note: the original recipe called for beer but milk can be a substitute if kids are eating.

4. While everything’s coming to a gentle boil, add 1 cup of grated cheese (in this case, I used California cheddar). Thicken with 2 tbsps. all purpose flour.

5. Turn off fire once cheese has melted. Garnish with more of the diced onions, chilies and tomatoes.

I highly recommend this dish if you want to prepare cheese in a new way…bon appetit! 😉

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