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God only knows commuting to and from one’s school or workplace is the most difficult part about living in Manila. The traffic and the long lines in the train stations make it all so stressful! The smartest move one can make is to live adjacent to where you work or study. This way, you don’t have to wrestle with the crowds, brave the long commute and fear for your own safety.

Anyway, we are letting the word out on the coolest, most high-tech dorm in Manila at the moment. Let’s say if you’re in dire need of living quarters, you have to reserve ASAP after reading this article because slots are filling up fast. The place is called Space Edsa and it’s just beside a hospital (VR Potenciano Medical Center) as well as walking distance to the MRT Boni Ave. Station.

There’s no elevator so you have to walk up to the third floor of the building. Here’s the reception area…



Residents can eat and hang out in The Lounge which is nicely decorated too.


The kitchen/pantry area is free to use. Note the coffee machine on the far left. You can buy the drink for five pesos with the press of a button.


Love the colors on the hallway leading to the dorm….


The sleeping quarters are the most important thing and at Space EDSA, they have airconditioned rooms for 4, 6 and 8 people. A resident is given a basic bed and a drawer. This area gives one an idea how to decorate the space for Instagram purposes, haha.


The locker is quite small so one is encouraged to bring only the most basic necessities.


The toilet and shower rooms are separated and were kept spotlessly clean.


Space. Ph

Now for the freebies. For P4,200, residents get free electricity (plus at least 10 hours of aircon use), water and wifi! Aside from the common kitchen mentioned earlier, they also get free use of this 24-hour gym…how awesome is that?!

Space.ph gym

Behind Space EDSA is entrepreneur Quinto Oreta whose family is in the real estate business. He said the basic idea is to redefine shared living spaces for millenials. There will be future sites in Taft Avenue and Makati, it was learned.

I have to laud him for making it affordable too. Minimum lease is one month while maximum is 3 months, renewable. Renters just have to shell out P6,300 covering advance payment and deposit.

Visit www.space.com.ph for more information

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