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French people have a lot of credibility whenever dieting & staying thin is mentioned. If you remember, the book ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ shed an insight on why these Europeans manage to be slim despite drinking wine at every meal and often having croissants with butter. Since the Filipino diet doesn’t have the French factor (we often have fried food instead of healthy salads), it’s good news that Kilo Off natural weight loss products Made in France has arrived in the Philippines.This brand is available in over 20 countries and has even been cited by Watsons HK as its slimming product of the year.

Kilo Off

Here are my positive first impressions of Kilo Off which is produced by Laboratories Vitarmonyl in France:

1. It’s really affordable – Nothing in the product line-up is over 1000 pesos for a regimen of from one week to 2 weeks so it doesn’t hurt to try

2. The ingredients are all natural, no chemical-sounding names on the label. The result is that there will be no crazy effects for users like headaches and such.

3. No complicated intake procedures. Just pop a pill or take the drink for an average of two times a day

4. Aside from overall weight loss, the promise of giving one a flatter stomach and ridding the body of toxins is too tempting to resist. My mistake in trying this diet is not taking the pills and juice drink consistently. As with any other weight loss program, it’s also important to get moving and observe low calorie intake of food.

The full product lineup follows. They’re exclusively available in Watsons branches:

Kilo Off Powder Drink (SRP 995/Box of 10)

Active ingredients are green tea and coffee extracts to burn fat; cherry stalk and orange peel extracts to drain excess water and toxins; pineapple and papaya extracts to keep a flat stomach; citrus and apple pectins to reduce cravings. Just dissolve one pack in a glass of water and drink after 10 seconds.

Kilo Off

Kilo Off 24 Capsule (SRP 850/box)

Active ingredients are pepper, fennel and green tea extracts to burn fat, coriander to improve digestion. One to two capsules are recommended to be taken before meals, with a maximum of four capsules a day when weight loss is urgently needed.

Kilo Off

Kilo Off Liquid Drink (SRP 895/bottle)

Active Ingredients: Orange Bottle- Rhubarb, Acacia, and Tamarind facilitate digestion and help relieve a swollen stomach; Purple Bottle- Gurana, Green Coffee, and Grape Marc help burn fat.

Recommended intake: take a bottle cap-full to drink or mixed with water. Drink twice a day: one before breakfast and the second either before lunch or dinner.

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