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Correct me if am wrong but Filipinas are beauty ‘purists.’ We are not really as crazy with beauty ‘enhancements’ as the Thais or Koreans, for example. Blame it on our good genes and the fact that we are simply happy with what we have. We’d rather buy a designer bag or mount a big party and celebrate with friends rather than spend it on some vain & silly cosmetic procedure..if you know what I mean.

Am one of those girls who take pride in being low-maintenance, mainly just relying on beauty products for my skin care.I had this firm belief about aging gracefully and letting nature take its course. But in this post, I told about the life-changing dinner I had with the kind folks of Galderma end of 2015 and how I was finally convinced to take the plunge towards greater beauty…yay! šŸ™‚

What made me do it? I suddenly thought that if I were to die today or tomorrow, I might as well do so in my full radiant glory, lol. Also, I was convinced that this wasn’t a major procedure at all. I would simply have a Restylane hyaluronic acid treatment to hydrate my face. As we age, our skin looks duller, there’s a breakdown in collagen and elastin, and wrinkles may form. Restylane, with its line of skin boosters and dermal fillers, claims to nourish the skin from within and give it a long-lasting glow.

It was on the second week of December when I showed up for my appointment with Dr. Sidney Cu at his clinic in Malate. Earlier that day, I had my indoor cycling class, then ate lunch and drove with my two daughters to the clinic. I was quite nervous but talking to Dr. Cu was very comforting. It pays to have trust in your doctor and Dr. Cu is certainly one of the best around. He told me what the treatment would entail and assured me that he will administer it with the least pain possible. After which I even told him “don’t worry Doc, I have high pain tolerance.” šŸ™‚

Restylane treatment at Dr. Cu's clinic

I told Dr. Cu that he looks young and good-looking himself. He didn’t waste time in telling me that it’s all due to science. Wow! Dr. Cu said that “the treatments can be addicting. But what I tell my patients is that instead of spending for regular facials, diamond peel, RF and all those skin products, they should just save all of their money into one yearly or twice-yearly skin hydration treatment.”

Noted on that Doc!

The next step for me was to lie on the clinic bed. The assistant put EMLA cream on my face. It is a local anesthetic and waiting time was about 40 minutes. They had to wait for the area to be numb.

Restylane treatment at Dr. Cu's clinic

After time had passed, the hyaluronic acid hydration began. Dr.Cu used a combination of Restylane Skinboosters and fillers for this. I really didn’t know what was going on since I closed my eyes the whole time. I can feel the pricking of the micro-needle but no pain otherwise.

And this was me after the treatment which lasted only 15 minutes. My daughters and the clinic assistants told me the difference was immediately apparent. I looked less tired and my skin felt refreshed…yay!

Restylane treatment at Dr. Cu's clinic

Restylane treatment at Dr. Cu's clinic

Downtime with the Restylane injection was really negligible. The affected areas on my face were tender for a few days but I coped with it well.Funny because for the first few days I felt like my whole face changed and I wanted the old one back. But the strange thing was nobody noticed so I figured that there was nothing wrong with what I did. lol

Dr. Cu told me to forget my BEFORE photos, haha. I didn’t really look bad, I guess I just needed a makeover. This was my no make-up look in January 2015.


And these are all the selfies I had after my Restylane experience. Clockwise, from left: 1) on a nightout 2) in the office 3) at the gym 4) at the salon


Needless to say, am so happy because my friends have been praising how my skin looks better and younger now. Comments range from the exaggerated ‘you look 32’ to the specific ‘no more eyebags.’ I delight in meeting old friends who don’t know about my Restylane procedure since they give me the most honest feedback….and it’s all good!

Thank you Restylane and Dr. Sidney Cu. This was the best feel-good experience I’ve had in 2015 and up to present! Now I will have to save up for the next treatment, but no regrets šŸ˜‰

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