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Holy Week 2016 is upon us and you know what this means. A lot of people in this Catholic-dominated country will be fasting or just resort to eating fish, vegetables and seafood.

I happen to be one of those who have taken a vow to just eat light for Lent and give up on the gluttony. So I was really glad when the lovely PR of Mega Creations sent me a few bottles of their Premium Sardines (Spanish Style).This is exactly the kind of stuff I eat this season. Sardines is reputed to be a good source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, aside from being very high in calcium and other vitamins. So, the question is: why not? It’s not an expensive food too.

Mega Creations said there are more ways of enjoying Spanish sardines aside from opening a can or a bottle. Here’s the first recipe: the Sardine Vegetable Curry

Sardine Vegetable Curry B

To make this dish sauté half sliced red onions, three cloves of garlic, and half an inch knob of grated ginger until fragrant.

Add half a cup of cup each of carrot, eggplant, sayote, cauliflower and bell pepper and continue cooking for two minutes.

Add one cup of coconut milk, and simmer for five minutes, uncovered. Season with two teaspoons of shrimp paste and one tablespoon of curry powder.

Add the two cans of two cans Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Spanish Style, deboned and filleted, and let it simmer for not more than 5 minutes so the vegetables won’t get mushy.

As a final touch, add a tablespoon of lime juice before serving and voila! you have a new way of enjoying your favorite curry.

The next dish is the Sardine Gising-Gising.

Sardine Gising Gising B

This is how to prepare this dish: sauté one julienned red onion, four minced garlic cloves, and half a knob julienned ginger in one tablespoon of vegetable oil for 2-3 minutes.

Add 200 grams of sliced kangkong stems and stir-fry.

Add one cup of coconut milk or gata and half of lightly pounded sili and season it with one teaspoon of bagoong alamang. Do not cover the pan or the coco milk will curdle.

Mix in one can of deboned and flakes Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Spanish Style and the rest of the sili and let it simmer until done.

Creations-Product Shots

Mega Creations Premium Sardines comes in different variants : the Natural Oil and Spanish Style variants in cans; and the Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Tomato Sauce in Oil
and Premium Spanish Style in shrink-wrapped bottles.

Mega ensures the freshness and natural goodness of sardines in every product with its trademark 12-hour catching-to-canning process.

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