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Am a big follower of skin care. Whether am just in the house or out traveling, sticking to beauty rituals is something I don’t compromise. Maybe I do this out of habit or just my belief that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we’ll wither like a flower prematurely and this is something we don’t like to happen.

As a blogger, am privileged to try out and get first dibs on outstanding products available in the market. The Snow Skin Whitening line is certainly something that am pleased to be acquainted with recently. First impression: I love the elegant packaging. It assures one that they’re not buying something for cheap. It’s also worth noting that the products are manufactured by Vida Nutriscience Inc…. a distinguished Filipino company! This is something to be proud of if you are someone like me who loves patronizing our very own.

Snow Skin

Being blessed with good skin is something I have to thank my forebears. Even so, skin care is something I don’t take for granted. For instance, I use sun protection and don’t sleep with make-up on even if I just want to plop on the bed after a tiring day. As I said earlier, am a big fan of skin care and also make-up because I believe we should strive to enhance our beauty in any way we can.

Selfie - March 2016

It is nice to know Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion because these products don’t just guarantee one a fairer skin but is also effective in anti-aging. It contains a high concentration of 7 active ingredients and these are:

Snow skin

7 Plant Extract from the Swiss Alps – the main active is Alpaflor GigaWhite, a skin lightener developed from Alpine plants. It brightens skin tone and reduces the color intensity of age spots

IBR-Snowflake has been proven in clinical studies to reduce median wrinkles and facial furrows

Beta Glucan is a wonderful ingredient made from oats (yes oats!) that’s been shown to reduce discoloration of scars, protect the skin against UV radiation and reduce extrinsic signs of aging

IBR TCLC (Tomato Colorless Carotenoids) also protects against UV rays and oxidative damage which is known to lead to premature aging

Bearberry Extract – is known to provide powerful skin lightening when combined with magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Known by the trademark ingredient Melfade-J which is popular in Asian countries to depigment skin

Resorcinol – natural ingredient derived from pine trees that’s been proven in studies to increase skin lightness after just 28 days of use

Alpha Arbutin – Snow Skin Whitening products proudly use 2% of this in-demand skin lightening agent whereas other manufacturers use only 0.01%. Alpha Arbutin costs around P125,000 per liter whereas other ingredients like papaine or Kojic Acid cost less and are therefore less effective.

Am still in the process of finishing my stock of Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream so it’s early to tell the effects on me. I like that I have developed no allergies since the products are made from natural ingredients and have great moisturizing properties. I also did notice how my skin has become brighter and more luminous even under this very hot weather.

And oh, I should also tell you that Snow Skin is effective in fighting dark spots, acne marks, old scars and melasma.

Retail prices are:

Snow Skin Whitening Cream – Php 1,499.00
Snow Skin Whitening Lotion – Php 799.00

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