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As a mom, nothing depresses me more than when my kids get sick. No matter how we shelter them or take the necessary precautions, we can’t help external factors like a virus going around in school and other public places.

Last March 30, pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmith Kline created the GSK Expert Moms campaign to enable parents like us to exchange information on how best to fight common seasonal childhood diseases, especially now that summer is in full swing.

One of the celebrity moms involved in the campaign is TV host and actress Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio who has a son named Philip.

“Now that it’s summer, it’s important for us to be in tip-top shape to enable us to enjoy our vacations. As an Expert Mom, my job is to ensure that my family is happy, healthy and free from disease. That’s why I carefully plan our activities and I always bring along necessary medications when we travel just in case my son gets sick,” Rica said.

Rica (middle) during the GSK Expert Mom launch with Kat Maderazo of Bento Mommas (right) and Dr. Sheila Chua….

Bento Box Mom Kat Maderazo teaching GSKs Dr. Sheila Chua and Expert Mom Rica Bonifacio 2

A common problem that’s on the upswing during the intense heat of this season is allergies.This happens when a body’s immune system overreacts to foreign substances or even the environment.

A person may develop allergic reactions by feeling itchy, sneezing,or developing rashes. In some others, the symptoms may be more severe such as rapid, shallow breathing, wheezing, and coughing.

As well know, a person may also get allergies from food, plants, pets, house dust mites, mold spores, and drugs like antibiotics.

Dr. Sheila Chua  talking cough and allergys

“If you have allergies among family members, a mom can manage this by taking note of their specific allergies and avoiding what causes them . It is always wise to bring an allergy medication when you travel so your vacation will not be spoiled unnecessarily,” remarked practicing dermatologist Dr. Sheila Chua. Dr. Chua is also the Medical Affairs Manager of GSK which produces the popular antihistamine Virlix® (Cetirizine).

Allergies can also cause cough, and we have noticed that upper respiratory tract infections are prevalent in this kind of weather. The virus that causes coughing can easily be passed on from one person to another, especially if someone has a weak immune system.

Ambrolex OD Capsule

If a cough has developed a phlegm (as opposed to dry cough), pediatricians recommend protussives such as Ambrolex® (Ambroxol) to get rid of excess mucus in the airways.

Unfortunately, a lot of cough medicines have a bitter aftertaste, which children dislike and often spit out, making medicine time difficult for moms. Ambrolex®, however, has a sweet blackcurrant flavor that kids love. It also comes in thrice-a-day tablet and once-a-day capsule formats for adults that are both easy on the budget.

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