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In this earlier post, I recounted how I took the plunge towards greater beauty when I opted to have Restylane treatments last year. Prior to this, I was more of a skin care aficionado who depended on an army of anti-aging products to work some wonders on me. I believe it did some magic but it was really like taking the slow boat to Hong Kong. Why take the boat (like Jose Rizal did) when you can ride the darn A320 or B777? 🙂

What am trying to illustrate here is that there’s now more advanced technology aside from the age-old ritual of slathering on facial cream at night. It’s been almost five months since I had my beauty combo of Restylane dermal filler plus Skinboosters and am a happy girl!



Friends say am looking much better these days. Those who know about me undergoing the treatment observe how it looks so natural and how the bags or lines under my eyes have been reduced. I still use eye cream at night but I noticed how am relying on skin care less, since I already have my Restylane treatment. With glowing skin from Restylane, am definitely more confident now sporting the no make-up, no-filter look. Here’s the #proofIRL – proof in real life 🙂


Before all this, I was really afraid to have anything done to my face, aside from regular facials.A few of my friends echo the same opinion but I’ve highly recommended to them to try Restylane Skinboosters to begin with. With this regimen, the skin is hydrated from deep within the subcutaneous tissues, something which any cream, serum or moisturizer available in the market cannot reach.

My dermatologist, Dr. Sidney Cu, says human skin loses its elasticity as we age and the supply of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid (HA) also diminishes. This is further aggravated by lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and staying out too long in the sun.

Restylane Skinboosters consist of a pure, crystal clear gel that is infused by a skin doctor into the area needing treatment. It may be the face, lips, neck, tear trough or some other part. Zoom in for Before & After photos of some patients, as seen in Restylane brochure.

Restylane brochure

Dr. Cu notes that a product like Restylane promotes deep hydration and makes skin look plump, smooth and elastic…and may I add: naturally-glowing! Here’s my favorite young-looking doctor showing the centerpiece glass vase in his clinic. The syringes you see in the jar equates to the number of injections he’s done on patients. This just goes to show how safe and medically-proven the skin rejuvenation treatment is.

Dr. Cu

The hydrating effect of Restylane Skinboosters is long-lasting (more than one year), although for the initial course, one is advised of undergoing at least three treatment sessions, two to 4 weeks apart.

After my schedule with Dr. Cu before Christmas 2015, I visited him again in his clinic for another treatment in the first week of March. As the procedure lasted only for less than 30 minutes, downtime was negligible, if not minimal. In fact, I was able to meet my friends that very night. The only difference was that my face looked swollen, as you can see in this photo.

March 4

After which my whole face & aura glowed again. I’ve recommended Restylane to my friends (‘matured’ like me, haha) who are looking for a marked improvement in their appearance. You just have to set aside a budget for it (less than P100,000 approximately) but it’s low maintenance. After this, you can save your money and skip gluthathione injections, RF, diamond peel etc.

There are just two crucial things to remember when availing of a Restylane treatment.

The first is to drink lots of water to maximize the treatment’s effect , something like two to three liters in one day. I have no problem with this since it’s summer and am always thirsty 🙂

Second is to choose a competent doctor highly-trained with the Restylane technique. Am telling you this makes all the difference. You don’t want a bumpy appearance or the gel injected in the wrong place. There are a number of specialists in the market but I highly recommend Dr. Sidney Cu at the SGC Clinic at Unit 121, Manila Executive Regency Condominium, Jorge Bocobo St. Malate, Manila
Tel. No. 353-8219, Mobile 0917 440-9878, 0917 8308763

For more information about Restylane, pls. visit the website http://www.proofirl.com/ph

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