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A few weeks ago, the PR team of Unilever sent me a few samples of the new Vaseline Intensive Lotion to try. It arrived just in time because I’ve depleted my supply. Guess what, I’ve been loving this lotion ever since, especially the yellow Deep Restore variant!

Vaseline lotion

I totally dig how this lotion glides through my body and I can instantly feel its deep moisturizing effect. The scent is mild but my skin stays hydrated for hours. The new Vaseline lotions are embedded with micro-droplets of Vaseline petroleum jelly which is all we need to bring lost moisture and heal dry skin.

Vaseline lotion

According to experts, such factors as regularly taking hot showers, staying all day in airconditioned rooms, experiencing pollution and all that heat outside can do grave damage to the skin by stripping it of its natural hydration ability.

As such, it is important to replenish the skin’s moisture on a daily basis and I highly recommend the new Vaseline body lotions infused with Vaseline Jelly. Petroleum jelly is wonder product used by millions for treating dry chapped skin and healing burns, among a ton of other benefits.

Visit http://www.vaseline.ph/skin-index-test to assess your skin’s condition.

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