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The months May to June are usually a toxic time for us, moms. To state the obvious, this is the time when we empty our bank accounts paying for tuition, buying school supplies, uniforms and attending to a sundry of other concerns.

Anyway, a unique invitation to the Titus Pen Buffet landed in my inbox last month and I simply had to check it out. It was so timely since it’s back to school season and well…we need pens! 🙂

I was also curious with the presence of actress Liza Soberano who is one of the Philippines’ most beautiful faces today.

The Pen Buffet was fun because it meant I pick up as many pens as I can fit in a functional pouch. I was literally smiling as I chose the different kinds of pens and the various colors, though I stuck mostly to the basic red, blue and black that the kids would need in school.

Titus Pens

It was my first time to be acquainted with Titus Pens…they’re so fab and of high quality. There were gel pens, retractable pens, even permanent markers. I regret turning into an adult who rarely uses pens now, since I input even my to-do list on my smartphone.It’s amazing how much art you can use with just a pen, such as these doodles and drawings.

Titus Pens

The Titus pens Glam with Colors event, held at the Activity Center of Market Market, featured a giant Lisa S. wall art. There was also an exhibit by upcoming visual artists Lei Melendres, Andrei Manguba and Soleil Ignacio. Sessions on calligraphy, doodling , manga art and poetry were also held.

Titus Pens

While choosing the pens, we had fun listening to this talented group called Ransom Collective. The Sponge Cola and DJ Toons also played.

Titus Pens

Finally, the gorgeous Titus Pens brand ambassador arrived. Too bad I left already when Liza Soberano had her meet and greet. But her fans sure had an unforgettable time!

Titus Pens

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