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I consider myself a practical shopper. As a mom who has to work on a certain budget, my nose is trained like a dog on scouting for good buys and I’ve already formulated my criteria on what to look out for when shopping for a product. Price is one consideration but there also has to be quality. What use is it to pay money on something which will not satisfy you or break down after a few weeks?

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When shopping for toiletries, I rely mostly on well-known brands. One of my favorite stores is Watsons because of the great deals and discounts they offer. I also get freebies, Buy One Take One promos and my purchases are credited to my SM Advantage card.

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I’ve been loving organic products lately and Watsons offers a complete line of oils…from Argan to Marula and even Rose Hip. They kid you not when they say that Watsons label products are as much as 80% cheaper compared to more established, heavily-advertised brands. Look for the Watsons brand when shopping for medicines, tissues, baby wipes, and beauty products like lotions and body wash. They even have straightening irons and hair remover!

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Anyway, we think Watsons is really serious in promoting their brand because they recently conducted a Switch Test in their flagship stores in major cities across the country. The idea was to set up unbranded booths and have the customers pick out their choices between Watsons and leading products… without knowing which is which, of course! Consumers were asked to hold,examine, test and compare the products, then choose the best one they wanted to buy.

Here were some of the real-life answers from the surveys:

“Brand A lotion smells good, and is softer on the skin, compared to Brand B.” Brand A turned out to be Watsons.

Holding a toothbrush in each hand, another shopper said her toothbrush of choice had “softer bristles and I feel it would clean my teeth better.” Her pick had the Watsons label.

To showcase the results of their nationwide Switch Test, Watsons held a special event at the Makati Shang-ri la with no less than Watsons Switch & Save ambassadors Ms. Tess Prieto and singer Christian Bautista attending.

Watsons Switch and Save Ambassadors Tessa Valdez and Christian Bautista

You would think a socialite like Tessa will not care about the prices of products but yes, she herself is impressed on how a mom like herself can buy more value for her money by switching to a Watsons label. Here, she’s shown doing the Switch Test on blogger Kaycee Liwanag

Watsons Switch and Save Ambassadors Tessa Valdez with Beauty Blogger Kaycee  Liwanag

As Tessa said, 8 out of 10 shoppers preferred Watsons quality in the anonymous Watsons Switch Test, and they were even more elated to know that their brand of choice was way cheaper than the leading, more popular brands.

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