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There was a shopping event at The SM Store for their fashion label SM Woman and it was something I couldn’t say no to. How can I if I am an avid customer of their brand? Practical shoppers know that you go to SM for classic yet fashionable high-quality pieces that are within the budget. Even with the abundance of foreign, high street labels in the market, I still go to SM for a no-frills, no-fuss experience.

SM Woman

Having arrived late from the traffic that night, I missed the fashion show and so headed straight to the shopping event. There was a treat for invited guests because some of the clothes were at 50% off. I saw my fellow blogger Katherine of Dear Kittie Kitty Kath…

SM Woman

And while I was checking out some of the items on the racks, who would I bump into but the sexy actress Ara Mina? I was pleased to meet her in person and a photo op was in order…

SM Woman

We were given a time limit to shop and even Ara had to fall in line when it was time to pay. She was quite nice and unassuming.

SM Woman

Anyway, for all the fans out there, here’s the full SM Woman range available at the SM Stores: SM Woman Career, SM Woman Fashion, SM Woman Prima,SM Woman Denim/Casuals, SM Woman Sleep and Lounge, SM Woman Active,Coco Cabana by SM Woman, Gigi Amore by SM Woman and SM Woman Plus.

Yes, their their SM Woman Plus line is a boon for full-figured gals who sometimes have difficulty finding their sizes.

Am glad they have chosen plus-sized personalities for their present campaign. These are college student Andrea Aldeguer and theater/film actress Cai Cortez.After all, #IAmSMWoman is Confident.


Noted bag designer Amina Aranaz and art entrepreneur Teresa Herrera represent being Driven. The go-getting professionals….


The Exceptional. There’s a whole future in their hands…


On being Strong, celebrity host Sarah Meier says: “As a woman, my definition of strong lies in poise, in grace, in resilience, in patience, but I think ost of all, it lies in restraint.”


There you go. The new SM Woman. She’s Strong, Driven, Confident and Exceptional!

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