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This is a non-sponsored post but I was really thrilled when Japanese lifestyle store Miniso opened its first branch in the Philippines near our workplace, and that’s Robinsons Place Manila.

Miniso Logo

The logo reminds one of Uniqlo but the pricing is a cross between Muji and Daiso, lol. So far, I’ve only shopped in Miniso Hong Kong and what they sell makes me smile for some reason. There’s something here for everyone – whether you’re a man, woman or kid.

I bought here some stuffed toys for Lucia (P299) and snazzy headphones for the teens (P449)…

Miniso Manila

The children’s caps with matching sunnies are a nice touch. Sold for P299

Miniso Manila

I like their fashionable ladies’ bags which retail for P349 to P549…

Miniso Manila

The store has a bunch of Rubik’s Cubes and it makes me sentimental. Rubik’s was popular before this era of mobile games and apps, haha.

Miniso Manila

Girls will surely go gaga over their make-up range because they’re of good quality and are only priced from P99 onwards. Got these pics from the Miniso FB page because my own photos went bonkers.

They have a full range, from lipsticks to eyeshadows to powders and even CC cream.

Miniso makeup

Miniso Manila

The green tea perfume is my favorite. Only P199. They have other spritz-on to choose from.

Miniso Manila

This olive oil in the skincare section looks interesting.

Miniso Manila

Stuff for organizing the home. About P199…

Miniso Manila

And many more you can find in Miniso, especially gadget accessories and toys. The only downside is that the location of the store on Padre Faura wing of the mall feels like a giant sauna….what is wrong with ventilation in Robinsons??!

Check out facebook.com/minisophilippines

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