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Audiofly is an award-winning earphone brand from the Down Under that’s now available in the Philippines, specifically Digital Walker stores.

Music connoisseurs will surely go for its sound precision qualities, a factor that has made it the device of choice for X-factor Australia last year.

During the launch event of Audiofly at the Century Mall in Makati City, Matt Rowett – the brand’s territory sales manager – explained the features which make Audiofly a superior product favored by discriminating users. Among these are the strong Cordura fabric cables, custom-voiced dynamic drivers, noise isolation, hybrid speaker configurations and clear-talk microphone technology that’s great to use with smartphones.

Audiofly launch

Aside from its crystal-clear sound, what’s to love about Audiofly are its cool, vintage-inspired designs that still manifests its sophisticated look.

Initially, the following Audiofly earphone models are available in Digital Walker:

For the casual listener who uses earphones for sports, exercise and answering calls, there’s AF33, sold at the retail price of only P1,450.

Aside from its affordable value, the AF33 is distinguished for its lightweight feel, noise-isolating design and of course, excellent sound.


AF78 is the most expensive model in the range at P9,750.It’s for discerning audio enthusiasts who want high-resolution sound. AF78 is equipped with dual hybrid drivers, very detailed soundstage and Comply brand foam tips for great noise isolation.


In the mid range, there’s the AF45 (P2,450) that has noise isolation as well.With its clear, detailed tones, this model is for the value-conscious listener who doesn’t want to compromise on quality.

Then, there’s the AF56 (SRP: P4,850) that is distinguished, design-wise, for its large 13mm Mylar driver and angled sound port so that the ear buds stay in place. AF56 is ideal for music lovers looking for a lively sound with more bass.

For more details, check out www.audiofly.com. Or subscribe to facebook.com/digitalwalkerstore, facebook.com/digitstrading

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