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Aside from the future, my greatest worry about my children is their health. No decent mom would like to see their kids in pain and suffering. Gladly, they have been spared from all kinds of disease except for that one time when Lucia had to be confined in the hospital. It’s something I dread happening again.

Moms must realize that keeping their kids healthy is within their control.It all starts with prevention by making regular visits to the doctor and keeping up-to-date with vaccine shots, for example.

Another important factor is nutrition. It’s hard to imagine the amount of junk and high-sugar food that children are exposed to these days. Eating well begins at home by making home-cooked, non-processed nutritious meals.This takes time and effort but must be done if we are to keep the young ones away from obesity and lifestyle diseases.

In addition to eating good food, taking vitamins is a must for family because they go a long way in boosting the kids’ immunity against diseases. Most especially now that the rainy season is here and coughs & colds are pretty common.

Am a fan of Fern-C tablets and buy it daily ( this is incidentally manufactured by a 100% Filipino company.) That’s why I was really glad to learn that Fern-C now comes in a kidz Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C supplement. Aside from Vit C, this also contains zinc for added protection and comes in a delicious orange flavor. Price is very affordable at P62.00 per 60 mL bottle and P119.00 per 120 mL bottle.

My daughter Lucia says Thank You for the supply 🙂

Fern C kids

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