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My youngest daughter Lucia had been to Kidzania Manila before during a field trip. She went there again last July 22 with me accompanying her this time. What can I say: I had a blast being there for the first time. Am amazed there’s now a place in Manila that enables our children to role play or give them an idea how it is to work for a living. It’s educational and so entertaining at the same time. I highly recommend a visit.

Kidzania Manila with Lucia

Kidzania Manila with Lucia

At the entrance, we were strapped on with this high-tech bracelet. Parents like me will be 100% confident that we won’t lose our kids in the ultra-secure environment, despite the fact that the place is deluged with visiting students most of the time.

Kidzania Manila with Lucia

Lucia and I were in Kidzania to witness the launch of Kidzania Games 2016. For a limited time until August 20, the indoor play city will add four attractions that kids can join in for free. It’s sure to awaken everyone’s competitive spirit because the top scorers for the day will be flashed on the leader board.

There’s the Javelin Field. Throw the javelin through the hoop to earn a stamp.

Kidzania javelin throw

Then, there’s the archery range which is further divided into beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Kidzania archery

Beebop’s Fencing Strip encourages participants to engage in friendly combat, with extra points on the stamp when you hit the body target.

Kidzania Manila

Lastly, there’s Urbano’s Baton Relay where you are encouraged to form a group of four and band together to finish the race.

Guests who complete all four sports centers earn a stamp on their PaZZport and have their picture taken as a souvenir. The Top 3 scorers will be recognized on the score board as well.

Aside from the four sports, there are also bonus attractions such as face painting at the Main Square and badge making at the Craft MNL Workshop. The National Art & Design Academy, ABS-CBN TV Studio, DZMM MOR Radio and the Milo Stadium also have their booths for the kids to while the time away.

Kidzania Manila’s operating hours are from 9am to 4pm from Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays and Sundays, it’s 9am to 2pm, and from 3pm to 8pm. For tickets and more information, visit manila.kidzania.com.


Don’t forget to check out the Parent’s Lounge on the second floor. It’s quite posh, comfy and perfect for relaxing. Magazines, TV, internet and there’s even a McCafe!

Kidzania Manila with Lucia

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