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Leading personal care retailer Watsons is presently running a Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign. It’s a promo where they highlight the range of anti-aging products in the stores. There’s a whole array of discounts available and you can even ask the sales persons about their tips and recommendations.

Watsons Anti aging products

But that’s not all. Consumers like us get to win a lot of prizes in the Watsons promotion that runs from now till September 21. The first prize winner gets to have as much as 200,000 SM Advantage points credited to his or her card!

Watsons Kiss Aging Goodbye

Anyway, Kiss Aging Goodbye had its launch in the sprawling Watsons branch at the Podium Mall and I was one of those invited as I certainly fall under their target market, lol. Fellow blogger Jeman of Orange Magazine caught me in this senti shot. He was testing his new Huawei P9 camera while I was about to begin scouring the aisles for good finds.


When we talk about anti-aging, it’s not just moisturizers, eye creams or anything we put on the face.It also includes nutrition, hair care and maintaining a positive, healthy attitude.

It’s true that if you worry less, you will age less as well. But since stress can’t be prevented if you’re living in Manila because of the traffic, pollution and other have-nots, we’re glad there’s Watsons to help us reclaim the fountain of youth.

Look out for Watsons Collagen line like the Intensive Nourishing Facial Mask to bring back the skin’s elasticity. There’s also ingestible beauty aids like the iVi Collagen Ready-To- Drink and L’Oreal’s Dermo Expertise Revitalift line. It’s just like going to the derma to smoothen those fine wrinkles.

Aim to reduce years off your actual age and Watsons may just have the right solution for you. The good thing is that if you buy products with the Kiss Aging Goodbye sticker, it qualifies one to join the twice-monthly raffles this August till September.

Aside from the 1 winner of 200,000 SMAC points, there will be 4 winners for 50,000 points each, 5 winners of 20,000 points each, 15 winners for 10,000 points and 70 winners for 5,000 points each…for a total of 1 million in SM Advantage Card points to be given away.

For more updates, follow @WatsonsPH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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