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There was an invite from the sanitary napkin brand Jeunesse Anion for a morning of fun, food at fitness at the Marriott Manila. It was something I easily said YES to. I mean, who can refuse fun…food…and fitness …. happening in a five-star hotel, right? And most especially because the highlight of the morning was a famous exercise that’s close to my heart….zumba!

Zumba with Regine T

It wasn’t just any Zumba session session because our instructor was the beautiful celebrity host and performer Regine Tolentino. Regine is one of the recognized Zumba teachers in the Philippines. She’s also certified by AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America) and is a licensed U-Jam fitness instructor. On stage, she’s a real live wire and the session was so intense that I never knew where she got her energy from. Amazing!

Martine Canate and Chen Sonesing, Regine’s two dance assistants that morning, were a fountain of enthusiasm as well…


It was hard keeping up with all of them. I needed to hydrate badly during the first 30 minutes. Good thing one of the sponsors, Omizu Beautifying Natural Spring Water, had lots of bottles lying around on the tables. I must have gulped the equivalent of one liter in one go!

I got tired and thirsty because I gave it my all on the dance floor. Just look. LOL. Sayang walang video 🙂

Zumba with Regine T

…. and as a result, I got an award for being one of the five best in Zumba that day. Oh joy! We got extra prizes from the sponsors Simply Cereal, Doña Elena Olive Oils, Clara Ole, and Al Dente Pasta. I also liked getting a box of the great tasting Wheatgrass Honey drink from Easy Pha-Max.

Zumba with Regine

Class pictures ….

Zumba with Regine

11 (1)

The fun didn’t end with the Zumba sesh because right after that, we enjoyed a hearty buffet at the Marriott and a healthy cooking demo of guilt-free one pan meals from Ms. Len Santos Ding.


Len taught us how to make Peanut Butter, Muesli and Fruit Parfait; Golden Quinoa and Bokchoy Salad; and One Pot Cheesy Pesto and Vegetable Pasta. They certainly looked good and easy enough to be replicated at home.

Thank you so much Jeunesse Anion for an unforgettably energetic morning. Special shoutout to marketing head MJ Huang and Scene Stealer Communications for hosting us. I was actually wondering what Anion meant…it refers to negative ions or negative charge. They are known to be beneficial to the body because they relieve stress, energize the body and boosts the immune system, among others. Jeunesse Anion sanitary napkin and liners are the first to be available in the market with quick absorbing top sheet and breathable material made of virgin pulp cotton to eliminate bacteria, odor, and relieve menstrual discomfort too. Happy to get our supply!

Jeunesse Anion event

View the new Jeunesse infomercial via this link

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