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Our favorite Mountain Dew has launched two new flavors in addition to the iconic green bottle that we have grown up with.

The first is Blue Shock.It has a distinct raspberry-like flavor which is unique and is therefore expected to be a hit with soda-loving Pinoys. Blue signifies coolness and this drink itself is very refreshing inasmuch as it is soothing.

Mountain  Dew Blue Shock

The second drink, Live Wire, is the Dew with a blast of orange. This flavor should be popular and familiar to Filipinos. We love how it lives up to its name by being loud and electrifying, guaranteed to get one hyped up. This is my choice and it gets the thumbs up… so comforting.

Mountain Dew Live Wire

The catch is that these two flavors will just be available for a limited time only. If you want one of them to be on the shelves permanently, then join the promo that the brand is conducting on Twitter and Instagram. Make your choice known whether you are for #DewBlueShock or #DewLiveWire. There will be a series of voting between now and October 31, and voters of the winning flavor will have a chance to win a brand new pickup truck!

Team Blue Shock is represented by comedian Ramon Bautista.“Iba talaga ang tama ng #DewBlueShock for me. It’s something that completes the excitement of my day,” he said during the launch event at White Space Makati.

Team Blue Dewmocracy

Team Live Wire is led by DJ and endorser Sam YG. “#DewLiveWire is something that definitely hits the spot. Pare, ito na ang bagong drink of choice ko! What a way to be unique!”

Team Dew Live Wire

For more details, check out dewmocracy.ph and Mountain Dew Philippines’ official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewPH/

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  1. Richard Saldaña says:

    I love the taste if mountain dew blue shock very envigorating this is the flavor for me

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