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Women like me will always love their clothes. But I learned that with age, my taste has veered towards quality products. Designer labels are a bit expensive but I find that they really are constructed well and lasts a long time.

Now there was a time when our notion of a fashion accessory was a a scarf. Or a brooch, and a choker necklace. They still are. But with the advent of wearable technology, we have to add smart watches, fitness trackers or even titanium necklaces to the list.

Motorola Images 33.4cm x 49.2cm_020

Worth looking into is the line of Motorola VerveLife wireless products that was launched in Manila recently. They’re impressive to say the least, and really give a new meaning to the phrase smart accessory.

VerveOnes+ true wireless earbuds are the top of the line in the collection at P10,950. There’s also a Verve Ones Black version at P9,950. Equipped with rich HD sound, users can create personalized sound profiles and customize their listening pleasure.

Some of us may find these a tad more expensive than the average earphones, but there’s truly a premium to pay for comfort. With this one, experience no tangles or dealing with pesky cords. Just charge the earbuds in the accompanying portable case and you’re for ready for 12 hours of calling or uninterrupted playing of your fave music while traveling or on the move.

Motorola Verve Ones

Motorola VerveRider+ in Black & Orange – P3,950, Motorola VerveRider Black – P2,950

Verve Rider+

Verve Rider Black

These stereo earbuds are sweat-proof and waterproof, therefore perfect for those with an active lifestyle. The contoured collar design is envisioned to fit intuitively, and the package of removable ear gels come in multiple sizes. Up to 12 hours of talk time and play time are also assured after charging. Users just have to press the talk button to take calls while on the go.

All VerveLife devices are tied up to Hubble Connect for Verve Life app so that users can find the last connected location in case their ear buds are lost.

Motorola VerveLife products are distributed nationwide by Digits Trading. They are available in all Digital Walker stores, AstroPlus/Astrovision, Mobile 1, The InboxStore, Listening Room, Gadgets in Style, Games and Gadgets.

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