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Hair growth is a big problem for me. I am what you’d call’balbon in Filipino. Hair would grow fast on my legs and underarm and I would resort to creams and waxing every few weeks. But deep inside am not happy, because I really want my recurrent hair on these parts to be gone forever.

Call me old-fashioned or medieval when it comes to hair removal methods. It was my first time to try laser treatment when premium brand Cutera invited select lifestyle bloggers to a “beauty break” at Aruga By Rockwell Hotel.

I was really excited because we would experience first-hand the magic of Cutera premium laser treatment. Their machines are being used by the top beauty establishments in Manila such as The Aivee Clinic, Belo Medical Group, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines and a few others.

Cutera beauty break

But first, there was a short orientation by officials of Medev Medical Devices Corporation which is distributing Cutera machines in the Philippines. Also present was Cutera client, Dr. Cat Porciuncula (left), co-owner of Skintology clinic in Makati City.


Medev’s sales head Liz Endrinal said they are now advocating patient education in view of alarming reports about the proliferation of second hand or refurbished laser treatment machines. Centers which use them usually offer unbelievably cheap rates and “unlimited” hair removal sessions.

“In truth, customers won’t get the results they want and can even get hurt in the process. We’ve received a lot of horror stories such as burns and blisters from using second hand, refurbished machines. This is because these machines are not calibrated as they are supposed to, and thus cannot emit the required laser energy to treat patients,” Endrinal revealed.

In a few minutes, we were ready to indulge in our beauty break proper. I spotted the Cutera Titan machine which is reportedly being used by music idol Madonna to tighten her skin. Using infrared light, the heat coming from the Titan apparatus causes a contraction of collagen and treats lax skin in areas such as the upper arm, under the chin, jawline and even the tummy. Amazing, isn’t it?


I was prepared to be amazed myself as I waited in the room for the hair removal to begin. In this photo, I look anxious because am a laser virgin, though the machines look harmless, like they’re just softly gliding on skin.


In truth, it felt like my skin was being sliced! It was most likely the effect of the hair being pulled out by the machine.

The pain was tolerable and the sessions are short anyway. Approximately, it’s only 20 minutes for the legs and 15 minutes for both armpits. It can take longer if you’re a first-timer like me, and it also depends on your hair texture.

But am really happy because it’s been one month since my Cutera session and hair on my legs and underarm still has to grow! I’ve always thought my body hair sprouted like mushrooms but Cutera proved me wrong. The doctor says it takes three to five sessions to remove body hair completely. Now am a believer.

The Laser Genesis was another Cutera treatment I tried. It’s a laser technology to bring out the skin’s youthful glow, improve texture and repair damage caused by aging, sun exposure and scars. Over time, it promises to reduce pore size and diminish imperfections such as wrinkles, freckles, brown spots, warts and stretch marks. Dr. Porciuncula recommends a session once a month for maintenance.


I took a selfie after the Laser Genesis and here it is. Am a happy convert. They say if you regularly use the treatment, you don’t even need pressed powder or foundation on your face anymore, haha.


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