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First of all, I hardly rant online but when I do, it just means something or someone crossed the line. For one week, I’ve been highly stressed and on the edge of despondency because I could not get $116 worth of shipment I bought online. The reason: TNT Express Shipping Philippines is telling me to cough up P5,901.60 just so I can get my package.

TNT  Express Shipping illegal bill

I really don’t know how customs duties for a shipment worth $100 came to be P4,256 and “total VATable transactions” is P1469.29. I showed them my Paypal invoice showing I really paid $116, on top of the $44 I already paid this TNT Express Shipping…the most unprofessional international courier company I ever encountered in my life.



“Bayaran nyo na yan mam kung gusto nyo makuha. Kung ayaw mo naman, i abandon nyo na lang ang shipment,” said one TNT staff i talked to named Mark Christian Adelantado who is a credit controller in the company. (Translation: I suggest you pay it now mam, otherwise you also have the choice to abandon your shipment.”)

It was really appalling. I told him about the new Customs Administrative Order (CAO No. 02-2016) which states that no duties and taxes shall be collected on goods with freight on board (FOB) or free carrier (FCA) value of P10,000.00 or below.” The new law, which forms part of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act, took effect last October 25.

My shipment arrived Thursday last week, November 17. But since TNT staff are probably used to hustling like the typical corrupt Customs personnel, this Adelantado guy told me ” naabutan po kasi kayo ng lumang system.” (” you caught up with the old system.”)

Thank you really for thinking your customers are stupid. Anyway, my misery didn’t end there because aside from harassing me with their web of lies, they were also treating me like a yoyo. Yesterday, Adelantado told me I would now be paying zero charges and they were now trying to get it out of Customs (a big lie again because my package got through customs last week).

But this morning, they called me to say they’re withholding my shipment again because the value written on the shipment ($48) is different from the Paypal receipt and invoice I submitted. They’re now telling me again to pay the P5,901.60 plus storage fees for the extra days my package stayed with them, which is their fault.

So now, I still couldn’t get my $116 package which I paid TNT $44 in shipping charges, where…on top of that..they’re now asking me to pay an extra P5,901.60 in ILLEGAL charges and taxes.

My saga has not ended because after one agonizing week, I still haven’t got my shipment. To think that the purpose why I paid TNT $44 was to expedite shipping!

And while I get through the bottom of this, I would just like to warn online shoppers and all customers about my SUPER AWFUL experience with TNT Express Shipping Philippines at the PAIR PAGS Center in NAIA Avenue. They even list their address as Pasay City when in fact, it’s in freakin’ Paranaque City. Never have I seen such a glaring harassment and extortion of customers. Not to mention, such blatant violation of the law!

It really is a pity for a company headquartered in the Netherlands. You would expect global companies like TNT to adhere to strict and professional international standards. It looks like your staff in the Philippines are a BUNCH OF CROOKS!

Some Googling showed that the country manager of TNT Express Shipping Philippines is one Susan De Jesus who is listed on her LinkedIn as a part-time MBA faculty at the Ateneo de Manila. I really don’t know how you are managing TNT Philippines madame, but it surely SUCKS.

I regret 100% choosing TNT as a courier company. At this rate, the Post Office is looking like a much better alternative.

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