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There are three major kinds of food I seem to be eating these days: home cooked food (prepared by me or the yaya), luxe food (see my previous article on China Blue at Conrad Manila) and fastfood! Any mom can relate to the fact that we can’t escape the latter. Fastfood is considered by our kids as belonging to the major food groups, alongside apple and milk 🙂

Anyway, am no purist. There’s no supply of soda and junk snacks at home but when we’re at the mall, I easily give in to my kids when they say they want burger and fries. No reason to deprive them of life’s great things, lol.

And here’s one yummy treat that we’ve tasted lately that get’s my seal of approval: McDonald’s new Mushroom Pepper Steak!

Here’s the poster:

McDonalds mushroom pepper steak

And here’s the actual:

McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak

The one-piece mushroom pepper steak meal (P55) is not really advisable if you have intense hunger pangs so go for the two-piece (P89). Both meals can be levelled up with the addition of a McFreeze and they become P69 and P99, respectively.

The burger patty can be bigger but I thought the best part of this meal was the mushroom cream sauce with a hint of pepper. It’s flavored mildly and not salty at all. It pairs deliciously with rice. Top off with sliced button mushrooms and we’re ready to go.

Aside from enjoying the dish in all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, there are four other ways to order the new mushroom pepper steak : via Drive-Thru, dialing 86-2-36 McDelivery, ordering online thru www.mcdelivery.com.ph, or through the McDo PH app on smartphones.

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