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The benefits of honey has always been cited by experts. I view it myself as the healthy sugar since it’s produced by nature. There are many flavors of honey, and their color and taste is an indicator of the type of flower nectar collected by the bees.

Honey lovers know Langnese as a high-quality brand from Germany. The good news is that it’s now available in the Philippines, thanks to Fly Ace Corporation.

There are now five delicious and nutritious flavors available in the market. Acacia has a subtle and mildly sweet taste. It’s the perfect sweetener at breakfast for teas, cereals and desserts.

Langnese honey

The Wild Flower flavor is highly-recommended for perking up the taste of breads and pastries. Believe it or not, this American cheesecake used Langnese Wild Flower Honey variety instead of the usual sugar.

Langnese honey

Langnese Golden Clear is described as a sweet antidote to dips, salads, cocktails and hot drinks. On the other hand, the Black Forest flavor tastes as decadent as it sounds. As an ingredient, it’s very luscious and you can use it on any kind of dish… whether it’s no-frills or flashy.

Langnese Black Forest Honey

Langnese Lavender can be spread on bread or be used to sweeten one’s pot of tea. But here’s another brilliant idea. Add honey to your salad as shown by this uber yummy Chicken Avocado Salad with Spiced Honey dressing.

Langnese honey

Langnese officials say the brand has passed European standards for retaining the safest and purest properties of honey. As a result of its stringent selection, processing and outstanding relationship with beekeepers in countries where the honey originates, Langnese has passed international certifications for being kosher and halal.

Langnese comes in a convenient Bee Easy packaging for a good drip and no stickiness when using. Prices are 178.25 for 250g and P324 for 500g, except the Black Forest flavor which is P189 for 250g and P345 for 500g

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