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I remember when I was a child: toasted bread slathered with Star Margarine then sprinkled with lots of sugar was my favorite snack of all time. Oh boy, I could eat lots of those. If all that talk about Star Margarine making you grow taller was true, then am probably a testament as am not petite, lol.

Fast forward to 2016, am glad our fave Star Margarine food hack has levelled up because each purchase now comes with these colorful sprinkles in four designs. All you need is bread plus the Star Fairy Bread pack and you’re ready to go!

Star Fairy Bread

Am glad when a food package is child-friendly like this because it can be a good mother-daughter activity. Lucia was certainly excited to get her hands on making her own snack.

easy as 123

Yes, you read it right. Making Star Fairy Bread is as easy as 123.

1. Prepare your bread of choice, which might be pan de sal or the classic white bread. Generously spread Star Margarine to cover every corner of the bread. Popping the bread in the oven to toast is optional.

2. Open the pack of Sprinkles which comes with Star margarine and decorate the bread with them. Drizzle generously.

3. Serve and enjoy!

Here’s how our seven-year old did it. Lucia’s first attempt at making her own Star fairy Bread was a success and now she wants to be a baker, haha. She sure had a great time!

You can be creative as well and make your Star Fairy Bread using cookie cutters so your treat will be in different shapes. These are certainly good for putting in the kids’ lunch boxes. Yo mama..instant bento! 🙂

Star Fairy Bread

Star Fairy Bread

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