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Gourdo’s is definitely one of my favorite lifestyle stores in Manila. I never go out without a purchase, and sometimes I just get my therapy from staring at their beautiful plates, tea sets, towels and other thingamajigs for the home.

Most recently, I was invited to an introduction of the Sleepcare Pillow Buffet at their SM Mega Fashion Hall branch and I could say it was very enlightening, to say the least. Most people take the kind of pillows they use for granted, but I must tell you NOT to. This is because we rest on our pillows for an average of eight hours a day. We use ’em whether we sleep, watch movies or read a book, so investing in a good one is undoubtedly money well-spent.

It was nice to hear about the features and uses of the different Sleepcare pillows from Ms. Quentin Chan herself, an expert who flew in from Hong Kong just for the occasion.

Sleepcare Pillow Buffet at Gourdo's

She said it’s not advisable to place a pillow too high or lie in bed without one. Good support is very important so one’s rest and relaxation can be maximized.

Towards this end, it’s nice to know there’s a Sleepcare pillow to suit one’s price range and desire for comfort.

We were asked to choose one pillow to take home from the “buffet” and I must say am so loving the Hotel Pillow I got (P1,500 with a size of 20 x 30). As the name implies, it’s made to the highest quality 5 and 6 star hotel standard so sleeping in this one is just like being in a luxurious hotel. This is so comfortably fluffy because it’s made from 100% pure cotton and 300 thread count!

Hotel Pillow

Priced slightly lower than the Hotel Pillow is the Hotel Atelier Pillow (P1,400) with 200 thread count. The filling is also polyester microfiber and it’s made of 100% combed cotton.

For the coming summer months, the Memory Gel Pillow (P1,995) should be great. This is because its gel layer improves airflow and reduces heat. The bamboo fiber washable cover also contributes to the decrease in temperature, not to mention the fact that its ergonomic contour offers superior head and neck support.

Memory Gel Pillow

Have snoring problems? Then the Memory Comfort Pillow (P995) is recommended.It’s so designed to provide ideal support and alignment for the spine and neck. It can be easily molded to adjust the head’s weight as well as temperature. The filling is made of memory foam.

The basic Sleepcare Pillow is labelled as anti dust mite and anti-bacterial. It’s also hypoallergenic and helps prevent respiratory problems as well as skin allergies. It’s priced from P450 (for kids) and P625/P800 (Queen and King size).

The Aromatherapy Pillow (P1,400) gives the same anti-microbial and hypoallergenic protection with the added benefit of aromatherapy. Available scents are lavender, rose and jasmine with plumeria and white ginger coming soon.The filling is made of polyurethane foam; anti-mite and anti-bacterial effects are expected to last for three years.

Finally, did you know that one can actually customize pillows of one’s desire in the store? This is made possible through the Pillow Selector that measures the thickness of the pillow, whether one prefers to sleep on the back or side. There are adjusters that can be used to elevate the side sections of the pillow for sleeping on the side, while there’s a removable occipital pad to adjust the neck at the right angle when sleeping on one’s back. The Professional Pillow has two sides at different neck lengths. You may choose the side that nestles perfectly against the neck and shoulder area.

Pillow Selector (2)

Professional Pillow with adjusters

There you have it… the Sleepcare Pillow Buffet! This is now available at Sleepcare stores in Alabang Town Center and Glorietta; Gourdo’s in Uptown Mall, the Fort, Megamall, Trinoma, Greenbelt, Gateway Mall, Robinsons Magnolia and the Promenade; and Living Well at the Podium, SM Mall of Asia and SM Aura.


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