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Mention the long working week and exhaustion comes to mind. You may feel you nearly hit your head on your desk. All the coffee you drink has no effect anymore. You see, people learn the hard way the value of sleep and always, the penultimate question is how to avoid fainting from all that tiredness. We have gathered this information thanks to our friends from https://bridesbay.com/women-list .


When coffee does not help anymore

It happens that you don’t feel like your energy level is rising. Especially, if you’ve been drinking this perk-me-up beverage all the week through. Try making your coffee taste bitter. Even if you do not enjoy drinking coffee without milk or sugar, it is reasonable to reduce the amount of these ingredients. This will increase the awakening effect of your coffee.

Let your skin and eyes enjoy the sunlight

It is great if it is sunny in your office and your skin gets enough sunlight during the day. However, this is not enough, as you skin does not receive vitamin D through the window. Try going outside and grab some fresh air, as well as the sunlight. Let nature help your body to have a rest. Leave the office twice a day and you will get enough energy to be productive.

Rub your head

Pulling your hair may not sound so pleasant, but is worth trying anyway. Give a tug to your hair and finish the process with massaging the skin of your head. Thus, the blood will circulate better. It will not pep your spirit for the rest of the day, but it may help if you start to feel sleepy.

Splash some cold water on your face

This one actually works. The key thing is to let your wet skin feel the fresh air and soothe your tired muscles. It is better not to use a towel right after you do the washing and just let your pores breathe. You can easily do this exercise in the office too.

Take a YouTube break

Not only that YouTube may work as a source of inspiration, but may cheer you up during the long and hard working day. The thing is that laughter can wake you up, so search for a funny video and enjoy!

Social interaction with a complete stranger

We often forget about the power of communication, when we feel tired. However, social interaction may be as helpful as coffee. Try saying something about the weather to a person nearby and you just might feel you’ve done something good today.

Play the right music

It will be wrong to assume that high-tempo music will wake you up and help you to manage your work. The key thing is that you should select the perfect music for you. Everybody wants a different musical beat for work. You might like jazz but your office neighbor likes hiphop or reggae.

Stretch your body

This is a well-known way of awakening actually, but it does not mean that it is less useful than the new ones. So, try stretching your legs, arms, and back. Let the blood go throughout the entire body.

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