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My family hasn’t been using the good ol’ TV for more than a year now. I also had the cable subscription cut because the kids are out in school on most days and it’s only the nanny who gets to watch. My children weren’t really complaining because they use the internet most days and are content to just download or stream stuff online.

Still, I was happy that the Starcube Digital TV Box was sent my way to feature and review because it gave us a reason to watch TV conventionally again.It came in this nifty package and you can already see in front all the features it offers …


Being the typical woman, the sight of wires is enough to intimidate me…what more reading technical manuals, lol. So I called in the friendly building technician to install the Starcube Digital TV Box for me.


It took him only 30 minutes at most. He said it’s just like attaching your DVD player where you have to match the cords in the digital tv box to the attachment at the back of the TV. Hokay! Doesn’t look complicated at all.

The automatic search gave us 33 channels in all, including ABS-CBN, TV5, ETC, 2nd Avenue, DZMM Teleradyo, Inquirer and some shopping sites. No GMA 7 though.

Starcube Digital TV box

Was really impressed with the picture clarity, not grainy at all. This is because the Starcube Digital TV Box comes with an active antenna with amplifier which makes the reception really good.


Aside from giving you free channels, the Starcube Digital TV Box lets one record, pause, rewind or fast forward favorite shows. And if you have your downloaded stuff in your flash drive, just plug your drive into Starcube’s USB port and you will already be able to play your music, photos, videos and shows.

Amazing isn’t it?

Even more fantastic is Starcube Digital TV’s introductory price of P1,290, after which it will become P1,490. Definitely recommended if you’re someone like me who doesn’t have cable and want a device with powerful antenna to level up TV viewing.

Starcube digital TV box is distributed by STAR, Inc., the parent company of Starmobile phones (www.starmobile.com.ph).

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