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Summer in these islands usually means exploring the great outdoors and going on long vacations with family. But the problem is that in locations like the beach, mountain or camping grounds, one is not able to have a fully charged mobile phone all the time. And as you know, a cellphone is like a life saver in this day and age. We really can’t live without it.

This is where today’s most important digital accessory comes in – the power bank.

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In photo: this ProMate PolyMAX-Uni meanwhile includes replaceable Micro-USB and Type-C cables for Android gadgets as well as a Lighting Connector for an Apple device.

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“No matter how expensive or high tech your gadget is, it is still powered by a battery that needs to be recharged eventually, otherwise it would be of no better use than a very pricey paperweight. That is why power banks have become almost inseparable from our gadgets. And while you can find a power bank just about anywhere these days, it is important to know how to choose the right one for you so as not to put your precious gadget at risk,” said Dimples Condes, country manager of Promate Technologies Philippines.

Promate shares these quick tips on how to choose the best portable power supply/power bank for your needs:

– First and foremost is you need to know about the battery size and the charger specifications of your gadget, you can find it printed on the box. This is because you need a power bank that should have at least the same capacity of your device battery to ensure that your battery gets fully charged at least once with the power bank. If your phone frequently runs out of battery, get the highest mAh power bank that you can afford so that you have enough battery stored for emergencies.

Promate has a wide variety of power banks with different capacities, starting at 6000 mAh up to 20800mAh.

For the ultimate fix, there’s the Promate Mighty – an indoor/outdoor Heavy-Duty Emergency Power Station with an unbeatable 60,000 mAH of power offering a one-stop solution for all your charging needs. The 200w inverter provides 230v AC mains power to run appliances such as TVs and laptops. It can fully charge laptops 3 times, or 20 full charges for smartphones.

– Depending on the number of devices you carry, choose one that has several ports or cables so you could recharge more than one device at a time, saving you the trouble of having to wait for each one to finish.

– With its costly price tag, you have to consider your gadgets as a valued investment so it’s best to get a power bank that comes with a power-cut power feature in the event of a short circuit. According to ProMate, all their power banks have automatic voltage regulation designed to protect one’s device from getting overcharged.

– Lastly, it is better to spend a little more on a power bank from a reputable brand to save you further costs. Get your Promate power banks from authorized sellers such as Silicon Valley,Lazada, National Bookstore, Abacus, Electroworld & Abenson to ensure that you are getting the genuine thing and be entitled to the full warranty. It’s also worth taking a closer look of the offerings at The Gear Hunt.

For the full product line-up, visit the Promate stores at SM North EDSA Annex, SM Clark, Ayala Cebu, Robinsons Place Ermita, ALL Silicon Valley Stores Nationwide, Abacus, National Bookstore, Electroworld & Abenson. Promate is also available through www.lazada.com.ph/promate-store.

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