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5 ways to make traveling easier and more pleasant!

Longer trips for vacations or weekend outings can be particularly tricky when you have a family, especially when you’re trying to keep everyone happy each day. Finding little tricks and hacks to have an easier time during your travels is essential to enjoying your time with the family or your friends. Don’t create such stress you need a vacation after you recover from the trip! Instead, just cut corners and use methods to simplify and enhance your traveling experiences.

1. Snack healthy! Eating junk throughout the trip, while fun, isn’t the best option for your mind or body. Weighing yourself down with sugar, chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that only slow our bodies down will leave you feeling tired and grumpy. Look for favorite snacks that aren’t super unhealthy, such as trail mix or assorted nuts. Bring along a portable popcorn popper to give a light, low-calorie snack and includes different flavors of salt and toppings. By making sure you eat the best you can, you’ll give yourself the energy to explore!

2. Simplify Your Beauty Routine! Cutting back on products or packing them in mini to-go size containers and cutting out a few steps of your daily beauty routines can be a way to have an easier time. Less time spent in front of the mirror is more time dedicated to what your journey is all about, so don’t focus so much on your face. Overpacking can be a struggle throughout the trip, especially if you plan on taking back souvenirs. Keeping your toiletries bag down to a decent size will cut back on the weight and storage space and makes sure you stay focused on what matters.

3. Stay Hydrated! Dehydration is the fast-track to ruining any trip, from a day to a week long. Pack plenty of empty, large, portable water bottles that won’t spill. Fill them frequently, but be prepared to stop for a potty break every so often, if you’re downing them while driving. Water helps you stay energized and feeling great, so you can spend more time enjoying the trip! Plus, it flushes your system of other nasty things that may be clogging in, giving you a fresh start and renewed complexion. Remember talking about lessening your beauty routine? Let water help!

4. Wear or Pack a Jacket! If you’re flying, bring a jacket to the airport with you. Instead of leaving every penny and knickknack in your pockets in the bin at security, put them in your coat pockets for an easier time gathering everything. You’re less likely to lose something this way, and now you have a defense again surprisingly cold weather if it occurs!

5. Leave Your Stress Behind! Whatever is happening at home doesn’t need to follow you. Relax and shut off your phone, log out of social media, and focus on spending time with the world in real-time.

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