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Asian whiskey : the unsung hero of rich taste

Though Scotland gets the most praise for their whiskey brands full of rich caramel, smokey flavors, there is another region that hits the nail on the head in the most aromatic and delightful ways.

Modeled after some of the traditional favorite scotches, Asia throws unique spins on the way they craft their drinks, to give an exciting and new flavor to fill your best decanter sets with and open your eyes to the whole continent of great whiskey.

From India to Japan, the culture and preparation styles of fine drinking remind us, from inside those beautiful glasses, to always try new things and never stay in a comfortable zone. If you’re a fan of old, fine wine such as scotch, try out some of these best brands by Asia’s own incredible talents and tastes.

India’s Amrut Fusion. A fusion of Scottish and India’s own finest barley is combined in the cask, giving a strong smokey taste with chocolate-y citrus highlights. Your classic favorite flavors from Scottish breweries can be found in the robust blend, with the added bonus of the nip of newer tastes, giving an experience to sharpen your senses. 100 proof.

Japan’s Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt, 12 Year. Fruit and oak are thrown together in a vibrant, exotic blend of strong aroma and flavor. A refreshing way to enjoy a fine beverage. By taking malt from two distilleries and marrying them in a smooth texture that is enhanced by the Japanese water used in their brewing. It’s a rich, sweeter whiskey. 80 Proof.

Taiwan’s Kavalan Single Malt. Featuring the Taiwanese mango, which is adored, this single malt is full of rich fruity flavors and a vanilla aroma. With sharp flavors, less on the smokey side, it is nearly reminiscent of bourbon. This whiskey is younger, hailing from a distillery started in 2005, but packs a strong flavor to convince you otherwise.

Taiwan’s Kavalan Concertmaster. Finished in American oak for maturing, this single malt whiskey features a candied aroma heavy on caramel tints and allows your tongue to experience a palette of cola and espresso flavors. This Port finished whiskey is smooth, but not overpowering as other brands may be. Taiwan is known among whiskey drinkers more so than other Asian countries, giving an edge to the finery of the drink.

Japan’s The Yamazaki, 18 Year. Japanese fruits such as lychee are present in the tones of the whiskey flavor, with a smooth butterscotch aroma and award-winning tastes. A popular favorite among whiskey fans, this single malt packs a woody, earthy punch and gives off vibrant taste and appeal. The only downside is its rarity.

Experimenting with Asian whiskey, or even single malts from other countries outside of our Scottish favorites is a beautiful way to open your taste palette and experience new flavors and combinations you wouldn’t have thought of before.

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