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Philam Vitality Active app rewards you for staying fit!

Am one of those who believe that you don’t have to religiously go to the gym to be called “fit.” After four kids, I’ve given up on dreaming about chiseled abs but setting fitness goals, no matter how modest, is something I will always subscribe to. So I try to walk everyday, take the stairs instead of the elevator and do housework to exercise those limbs. A semblance of physical activity is better than nothing at all.

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Of course, there was a time when I did fun runs, aerial hoops, indoor cycling and hiking. They bordered on the strenuous but my busy schedule has prevented me from pursuing those hobbies of late. Looks like I will get to do all those again because I recently discovered the Philam Vitality Active app which will reward me for taking the time to exercise.

It’s good that am an existing policy holder of a BPI-Philam insurance so that I can get a discount on my premiums just by being a member of the Vitality program. But what’s good is that anybody can download the Vitality Active app on Android or iOs to get started on the rewards.

Using the app is very simple actually. After downloading, sign up to fill the required details. One of the icons is called ‘My Vitality Age’ which will compare your actual age vis-a-vis your current health status and lifestyle. Of course, it pays to answer all the questions honestly to get the correct assessment.

Philam Vitality app

The Philam Vitality Active app only works if you are able to link it to recognized fitness devices like Fitbit, Garmin, Moves or Runkeeper, among others. This is for the purpose of calculating your steps and physical activity. Am glad my Samsung Note has S Health so I was able to connect and sync with the app.

Philam Vitality app

When all’s set, users will be given an initial 250 target points for the week. We have to work at achieving the required points by staying active. For purposes of illustration, clocking up 7,500 steps a day can earn one 50 points. Engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity while burning at least 300 calories can get you another 50 points. A maximum of 100 points a day can be earned so exercising or simply walking two to three times a week was pretty easy to achieve.

App users are entitled to earn rewards when they meet their weekly Target Points for two consecutive weeks. There’s a button in the app which entitles one to choose their rewards and any unused ones will be stored in the Rewards Wallet.Free passes to SM Cinema,
SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink, and Exploreum are just some of the prizes to be enjoyed.

So am happy to give the Philam Active Vitality app a rating of five stars. Am glad my chosen insurance company BPI Philam has made this available to everyone. Be sure to download it now if you’re serious about switching to the healthy lifestyle because you will also be rewarded for it. Who can refuse free lunch, right? 🙂

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