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New Burger King endorser Billy Crawford says he waited 19 months to propose

From the very start, the multi-talented artist Billy Crawford must have known Coleen Garcia was the right girl for him. But he waited a long 19 months to propose to her, just to make sure the timing was right and she would say yes.

The rest is history for the Christian, very much in love couple. Billy’s game plan delivered the needed result. Now that he was recently chosen the new face of Burger King, Billy revealed that in their relationship, he’s “cheesier” than Coleen, the more romantic and giving one. Watch this video:

As the new face of Burger King, Billy said it pays to be “cheesy” when trying to catch a girl’s attention. After all, there have been countless times when cheesy pick-up lines worked to a man’s advantage. Or you can simply wow a girl by treating her to Burger King’s 4 Cheese Whopper. Made of four kinds of cheeses, we thought it was awesome! You will close your eyes in euphoria with all that goodness.

Burger King PH

Being chosen the newest endorser of Burger King is the latest in the 35-year old star’s string of accomplishments. He first started out as a child artist. In 1995, he even performed with the late music icon Michael Jackson at the MTV Music Awards as a back-up dancer. Some of his songs have topped music charts worldwide and these days, Billy is kept busy as one of the popular hosts of It’s Showtime (where he met Coleen). Previously he dated Many Moore (briefly) and Nikki Gil (6 years).

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