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Alli is a FDA approved weight loss pill. According to the producer’s claims, Alli helps decrease 25% of the fat you eat.

This product is oriented towards overweight people. It is advised to apply this pill only for people with Body Mass Index of 25 and above. If taking this product within a diet and training, you may
expect the results during the first 2 weeks.

All these claims seem doubtful and all the information you need is contained in this review.

Ingredients of Alli

We focus on the most interesting ingredients, including:

Orlistat, which blocks some of the fat absorption in the body. It has the following side effects:

– Oily and/or loose stools.

– Bloating and excess gas.

– Severe liver injury.

– Colon cancer.

– Colon lesions.

– Pains in stomach.

– Hives and rashes.

– Wheezing, rough breathing or swallowing.

FD&C Blue No. 2 is a food colorant soluble in water with no nutritional value. According to several studies, it may cause abnormal cell function and brain cancer. Besides, it is potentially toxic.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an ingredient often used in detergents and shampoos. Eye and skin irritations are among possible side effects.

Sodium Starch Glycolate is used for better dissolution of pills. It can cause allergy of people allergic to gluten or corn.

Quality of Alli Ingredients

According to a long-term study, 6.6 pounds a year is maximum weight loss.

Some of Alli Shake ingredients can potentially cause hyperactivity, skin irritations allergic reactions, and even abnormal cell development.

Cost and Quality of Alli

The average cost of Alli is $69.99 for 120 pills.

The main flaw is no significant weight loss. In addition, losing fat through stool may lead to cancer and lesions of colon.

FDA Warning of Liver Injuries

The following was reported:

– 2 deaths due to the liver failing.

– 3 liver transplants.

One user of Alli experienced severe liver injuries.

According to FDA, if you experience the signs of liver damage (namely, yellowing skin, loss of appetite, vomiting, fever, weakness, dark urine), you should immediately consult a healthcare

Reduction in Fat

It is advised to use this product with meal with fat content not more than 15 grams. Meals rich in fat can cause side effects within 3 days.

Alli works upon limiting the fat absorption by up to 25%, which causes the ability to intake fat- soluble vitamins, including A, E, D, K, and beta-carotene.

Insufficient volume of these important vitamins may result in dangerous side effects.

Customer Feedbacks

There are more than 600 negative feedbacks online. The major responses relate to no effect at all and to experiencing of side effects.

Nevertheless, some customers claim weight loss, mentioning change of lifestyle including diets and training.


According to studies, only a half-pound weight loss per month was observed.

Many possible side effects include liver injury.

Many customers’ complains about ineffectiveness and side effects.

The result you get is not worth the cost.

Alli’s main problems relate to poor customer support and stomach issues.

In addition, FDA warns of possible liver injuries. It was reported that one user of Alli did experience liver damage.

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