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It’s amazing how smart technology has also invaded the field of beauty. Nu Skin – an established name in personal care products – has come up with their latest anti-aging skin care line called ageLoc me which will be available for sale through distributors this month.

Like Nu Skin’s famous Galvanic Spa, ageLoc Me is also a device. In fact, it’s labelled as a smart device which can deliver a personalized skin care regimen after a machine or an app analyzes a user’s skin care condition.

To test the system, I put my face in front of a machine which then analyzed my facial skin for pores, wrinkles, spots, sebum or oil and UV damage.

I always thought I had combination skin, but then I found out I have oily skin now. Based on the facial analysis, Nu Skin will then customize a skin care routine contained in this device. Looks like a kettle no? hehe

Nu Skin AgeLoc

Here’s what’s inside. One’s personalized regimen for day and night….

ageLOC Me 3

” Brilliant yet simple to use, ageLOC Me delivers five powerful anti-aging products, custom selected from about 2,000 possible regimen combinations. By taking a skin assessment test that determines your unique skin care code, ageLOC Me will deliver the perfect regimen specially made for you — conveniently and precisely.” – from the official press release

For more details, visit www.nuskin.com.ph or follow /nuskinphils on Facebook and @nuskinph on Twitter and Instagram.

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